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  1. Levi that was the problem I had with all but 2 of the boards that would just scribble the other ones would cut for awhile then randomly cut across your work then maybe stop or continue on cutting wasteing my vinyl, played with the pen a whole lot (2 rolls of paper) just to make sure it wasnt me, sometimes it would and sometimes not, thanks Bob........PS If you were to keep the pcut what could I get a refine 721 for the difference, It sounds like a more reliable unit that I might be more happy with in my Auto Body business......

  2. Well theres a month of working on a piece of junk(in my opinion) Tried the 5th motherboard this weekend, tried some text and all she does is scribble in a 2 inch square. If I go offline and push rt or lft sometimes she goes the wrong way. I have her back in the box and will be shipping her back. I did get one job done , had to piece a few things together because she would randomly stop or just cut thru the vinyl all the way across my work. Maybe you could send me some vinyl...Ken. Not sure if I am going to try another pcut or look at a different machine,any suggestions? Maybe its a ribbon cable or something else in the circuits besides the board, anyone else had this many problems other than myself? I will call you Ken and get some options but I would not reccomend this machine to anyone if I was asked about reliability. Sure the price is great but as the saying goes-you get what you pay for. And in my case I didnt get paid because I couldnt come up with the product in a months time frame just for a weekend job. I did appreciate getting the new boards but seeing it didnt solve anything I should have gotten a new cutter after the second one, ok done to you later

  3. I am 100% sure the board was used-the only way the pins could be bent and 1 plastic piece broke was for someone to unplug everything in a rough manner (not takeing there time) If you put a line of text up it scribbles in about an area and then leaves a square box. As I said a person I met online let me switch theres and it worked just fine..............By the way I have a couple boards to still send back, Bob

  4. Installed the motherboard-now I can manually go offline and change setting but when I go to cut it just scribbles, found someone with the same machine and he let me try his-worked fine. Ken I bought this machine new and you have sent me 2 used boards, The newest one had bent pins and broken plastic connections I would really appreciate you sending me a BRAND new mother board, I am looking for some customer support-If I did this in my business my customers would go elsewhere. So 1 out of 4 boards works, I am worried about the quality of this cutter. Besides costing me a couple of jobs which translates into income we have enough time working and asking questions that I feel my time is worth more then this. Your forums talk about such great customer support well then lets see it. Thanks , Bob (unsatisfied customer) 608-253-6033

  5. The large screwed in fins? How many different boards are there? Sorry I missed your call, want to get this taken care of, 2 of the jobs are already done and they were not done by me. I could cut something but I can not go offline and set anything or even do a test cut. Does us cutters have this problem often with this cheaper pcut, makes me wonder what the life expectancy is of this equipment is, 608-253-6033 Thanks ;D

  6. Frustration is setting in. I have a van and 2 windows to do but I have a problem. pt630 cutter. I have been playing with the pen and paper for 3 weeks and have a glitch once in awhile now it is there for good it seems. If I try to cut just a word or so seems fine. Yesterday I was trying to make a couple samples for a new vet office in town. When I go to cut it might get about half way then it will make a line,box,maybe triangle sometimes it will start cutting again or it might just quit altogether. I have rerun the signblazer program a few times and nothing,same problem. I just got some vinyl yesterday for some things to do. But I dont want to waste that as I went thru a half a roll of paper in the last day. I tried the help line (got a recording) which I will try again this afternoon. Sure would appreciate some opinions.............luder-delton auto body,  thanks