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  1. luder

    in need of a nurse or

    and again
  2. luder

    in need of a nurse or

    My friend wants me to make him a mirror for his home nurse, sure would appreciate any nurse type graphics, thank you
  3. luder

    in need of a nurse or

    Thanks a bunch Joe, how about item #14694144 in an eps, very much appreciated on my end......
  4. luder

    in need of a nurse or

    I ll try that thank you much
  5. luder

    in need of a nurse or

    I did look at them just nothing that I really liked, want this gift to look very nice. I will put a quote in there as well. Im just looking for the one that will catch the moment when he gives it to her....thanks
  6. luder

    in need of a nurse or

    This seems to be a tough one to find....thanks for looking
  7. luder

    Another Rock and a Banner, Too

    alh nice answer, I have a bodyshop and played with some mirrors,lots of fun. I just bought the bigger cabinet at hf last weekend also the aluminum oxide it does cut alot smoother and faster then sand. The cabinet(259.00) was on sale here in WI for 219.00 so I had to grab it up. If I new how to post a pic I would show you the one I did last night. Thanks luder
  8. luder

    in need of a nurse or

  9. luder

    Another Rock and a Banner, Too

    Are you useing sandblast mask, and what are you useing for media, those would be great for garden art.
  10. luder

    in need of a nurse or

    He just called me maybe an angel he said, which would be his nurse, anybody?
  11. luder

    long shot matador and bull

    Anybody? It is a tough one to find, I have a friend who wants a etched mirror done, thank you
  12. luder

    Memorial decal for my daughters dog

    Thats really nice, I might have to put 1 of my labs down tommorrow 4 yo, always a bummer. I wouldnt mind doing one of those, luder
  13. Looking to do a larger mirror. Anyone have a nice vine(s) or trailing plants to use on the bottom and sides, thank you luder
  14. luder

    vines or trailing plants

    Nice thank you I will see what I can come up with-if I knew how to post a pic I would, thanks again luder
  15. Thank you we will give it a go...luder
  16. Hey richardson (or others) Ive been playing with this eps,have a ?. How come when you resize it (larger) it comes apart? Could anyone post the eps in say 9 inch, appreciated........
  17. luder

    SBE on two computers?

    I do-have it on 2-laptop-desktop
  18. luder

    carpet layers-long shot I know

    Thank you you guys are good...luder
  19. This is probably a long shot, Im looking for 1 or 2 guys carrying a roll of carpet, thanks in advance.....luder
  20. luder

    Super Bowl Signs

    I also like the black one nice job
  21. luder

    need help with eps file

    Noob ? if I download a eps to pictures then open signblazer,import the file, go to cut and all I have is a box with no logo what am I doing wrong? thanks luder
  22. luder

    need help with eps file

    I will try it with the pen, thank you
  23. luder

    Some of my Work

    Thats great I would like to try that but to much of a noob here, no clue.....luder