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  1. luder

    Need 2 images

    grabbed her also-thanks
  2. luder

    Would anyone have this Graphic ?

    I grabbed it- thanks Joe I like that one....luder
  3. luder

    slice of bread?

    Thank you superhero
  4. luder

    slice of bread?

    Bump--anyone? just need a 1 color slice of bread the one Jen sent me will not open in signblazer thanks, luder
  5. luder

    slice of bread?

    Jen I tried to open that in signblazer with both options-what am I doing wrong,Thanks
  6. luder

    slice of bread?

    Thank you Jen,,,,,luder
  7. luder

    slice of bread?

    Nothing I could find-just a single color slice of bread-sorry eps thanks again...luder
  8. luder

    slice of bread?

    Did a search no luck for me, wanting to make a bumper sticker for a couple friends and I need a esp of a slice of bread, thanks luder
  9. luder

    Etched and painted

    Very nice, would you mind sharing the bird eps,thanks
  10. luder

    mini golf banner

    I might be wrong-spell check tournoment?
  11. luder

    I finally got my nieces face vectorized!!

    Cute I wish I knew how to do that with a pic
  12. luder

    Where to buy roll of paper?

    I ran a roll of freezer paper. Also Auto Parts stores sometimes have white masking paper.
  13. luder

    relfective license plates

    Thanks for the replies. Actually I lettered a boat (names) yesterday and I was talking with the owner and he had some signs for his campground made up years ago, people steal them they get ruined,etc...Now when one comes up missing he routers one out in wood then paints it yellow (doesn't like doing this and they do not show up as well. The plates have yellow reflective already on it(and I am sure they were purchased this way) and then a piece of vinyl weeded backward to show the site number. As I am new to this I wouldn't mind doing it as he wants 200 of them. Thanks luder.....