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  1. mwhatch

    53 Chevy pickup

    Thnaks, I will give it a try. Morton
  2. mwhatch

    53 Chevy pickup

    Anyone have anything close. Thanks Morton
  3. and have hundreds of images, a lot of them can be traced and then cut in however many colors you like. I always look there first when needing something.
  4. Folders for each client, with sub-folders for each of their projects works for me. Though I only have a couple of cllients right now.
  5. mwhatch

    Looking for Sailing and Kayaking Graphics

    Try or
  6. mwhatch

    Design Elements

    I don't usually say to much here because I am still learning myself, but I would like to suggest to anyone who has not yet done so, to download and install Sigblazer. It has a bunch of good design elements you can export to other programs, and a good import / export function. Even if you don't cut with it, it can be a big help. Morton
  7. mwhatch

    signblazer users

    Post the file.
  8. mwhatch

    where do you get your non standard sized vinyl rolls from

    H&H Sing Supply sells it in different lengths.
  9. mwhatch

    A little 3 color fun tonight

    Those came out fine. Looks like alingment is right on.
  10. mwhatch

    Anybody have this?

    And now it is your own personal work.
  11. mwhatch

    Faux Steampunk Pen

    That is the main reason I got the Cameo, to see if I could use it to embellish my pens. I have been really happy with it so far.
  12. mwhatch

    Faux Steampunk Pen

    Thanks for the comments. Dennis, on this one I wrapped with vinyl, then applied a CA finsh, then the details, then more CA, sand and polish. Casting in PR tends to wrinkle and lift the vinyl, probably from the heat. Thanks for looking. Morton
  13. mwhatch

    Faux Steampunk Pen

    Here is the pen I made with the vinyl cuts I showed previously. I call it "Faux Steampunk", the pen is a Wall ST II Click, if there are any other pen makers out there. Thanks for looking. Morton
  14. Studied them all including Machine Language, lisp, and some I can't remember names of. Never got very good at any of them.