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  1. Just got my Laser ll 24', survived set up with only a few bruses. Got the pen plotter to work but unable to get the blades to cut vinyl. The arm that moves the blade while cutting will not move up and down so the blade will cut nor does it move up and more when it goes to the next letter. It stays stationary. Anybody got any ideas to help me out. My husband is grounding it to the stand as I write this, because we read that is what someone else had done and it helped them. Nest we are going to put a little WD 40 and see if that will help. But would love any suggestions anyone has. Thanks Lisa
  2. Lisamckt

    blade not lifting

    Going to give this a try
  3. Lisamckt

    Fixin to become a newbie and need advise.

    Thanks guys for all the advise. Need all the experienced advise I can get, so keep it coming!!!
  4. Lisamckt

    Fixin to become a newbie and need advise.

    Thanks Dan, and thanks for the offer for further help. I am a learner and open to all advise. Like I stated earlier we have been doing a little business over the last couple of years, definetly not depending on it for a living. I am a Public Health Nurse x 20yrs, I was diagnosed with MS in 2007 and the progression has worsen espicially in this last year, the doctors have had me out of work since the middle of November. Not sure at this point if I will be returning per the doctors. I have a small little shop behind my house, that I work out of, so if I am out their and feel the need to lie down I am just steps away from the house, or if I am in alot of pain, its my choice not to even open the door. I know you are probly saying yourself too much info, I appologize. But thank you for letting me know u are here, if I need help. Lisa
  5. Lisamckt

    Fixin to Purchase and needing advise

    I dont know if you seen the wooden Harley Davidson sign I made to hang and I put it on a wreath for a auction. All of it was drawn and my husband cut it and I painted it freehanded. Would that be illegal too
  6. Lisamckt

    Fixin to Purchase and needing advise

    Does this count if you freehand your drawing for cutting, that was what I had in mind. The stuff u see on my facebook page was either painted by me or I actually bought the decals from a sports store locally. But waht I had in mind was freehanding on the computer and sending to cutter, which would be a great time saver. Please let me know if that is illegal too?
  7. I am probly going to purchase my cutter Monday or Wednesday after the New year Holiday. I have currently been working off of a cricut Espressions for a couple of years, but as you all know the creactivity is very limited. But I am looking to expand my little craft business of doing wall lettering, small outdoor decor signs, plaques, and want to start making colored decals, doing magnetic signs, my husband does woodwork so wanting to do some vinyl designing for his projects, he also makes reguation grade cornhole games and would love to be able to do the vinyl work for the top and making the different logos or decals for them. I have been leaning toward the Laser 2, but not actually sold on it, due to I cant find alot of reviews on it. I am very open to suggestions. Just want something that I can do printed vinyl decal cutouts and do just the solid vinyl cut outs and maybe some layering here and there, and cont doing the things I was doing with just a cricut, but with more options. I would love to have something that would cut thin tin like material if possible and fabric if possible. You can see alot of my work on Facebook at Me and My Kid Crafts, be sure to like the page while you are there. All input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Lisa.
  8. I am going to be ordering my USCutter on Monday, still confused on which machine would be better for me. I have been using a cricut expressions for about 2 yrs, but its very limited in what I can do. Looking to expand my business a little due to unable to be a nurse anymore after 20+ yrs, due to MS and Heart Disease. I mainly have been dealing in doing wood work that my husband cuts for me, alot of personalization to yard signs, outside decor, inside plaques, ornaments, inside wall lettering, etc. All my items can be seen on Facebook @ MeandMYKidCrafts. But looking to expand some and do more graphic stuff such as decals for my husbands cornholes and a larger range of stuff other than just letters. I have been looking at the Laser 2 vinyl cutter/potter with contouring, but cant find many reviews on it. Would appreciate any ideas on what would be the best machine for me and what people are thinking about the Laser 2. Also appreciate any recomendations or ideas anyone has and can pass on to me. Thanks in advance. Lisa.