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  1. mikekelley

    "Waiting" after cut

    wow...weak sauce!
  2. Just got my new Laserpoint - Love it- except this one little quirk. I'm cutting using signcut and after it completes whatever I've told it to cut, the cutter displays "Waiting" and pushing any button does not change this. No matter what I push, nothing happens, and I can't send anything to the cutter while its frozen on "waiting." The only way to get it out of this "waiting" thing is to press a reset button or turn the cutter off and on again. I'm using the latest signcut software with a macbook pro.
  3. mikekelley

    Received my 3rd cutter and still problems

    I'm willing to bet user error at this point. Can we see some pics of the cuts?
  4. I'm interested in picking up one of the laserpoints, but i need to make sure that it's quieter than my refine. The refine is way too loud (i'm going to be moving into an apt with 2 other people) and I do'nt want to drive everyone insane with the sound.
  5. mikekelley

    Illustrator files from signcut are cutting twice

    I don't believe that there is a fill or color assigned to the outline. I've attached the file that I'm trying to trace and cut. Thanks for the help thus far!
  6. So I just made the switch from Artcut 2005 (ohmygod) to SignCut with illustrator, which I thought would be a good move. All of my text works wonderfully and cuts fine, but whenever I import an image into illustrator and live trace it, then export to sign cut, the machine (Refine MH1351) will cut the whole thing once and then go back to the beginning and start cutting it again. This, as you can imagine, is super frustrating because I have used the cutter for years with a crappy program like artcut with no ill-effects whatsoever. If I do text in illustrator and create an outline then export and cut, it works perfect, but non-text is just a big no-no, so I can't do any logos, etc. Any help or ideas would be appreciated..
  7. mikekelley

    SignWarehouse Horrible Experience

    Signwarehouse has a good selection but I find their shipping to be grossly overpriced.
  8. mikekelley

    Best app tape for small decals

    I ended up going with the R-tape conform. Pricey stuff, but WOW it is awesome! Perfect. Thanks!
  9. mikekelley

    Best app tape for small decals

    Title says it all for the most part - I do a lot of small decals and I'm having trouble with finding a good tape. Clear choice isn't sticky enough, and the paper crap that I got from SignWarehouse lifts in the corners and also doesn't have enough tack. Just a crappy product all around. Basically looking for a good app tape for small decals that doesn't peel on it's own, and has a lot of sticking power.
  10. mikekelley

    Wall Installation

    I was surprised at how well they came out. Also, the refine did a great job. awesome cutter for the price.
  11. mikekelley

    Wall Installation

    Here is a cool thing I did today. Got bored. The results are as followed: Oracal 651 on foamcore. All cut on an MH 1351. It's in the corner of one of the photos, hah. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3027/3050493615_e7d21fa741_b.jpg[/img] Here is one of them before I applied it: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3160/3051332538_27caa49355_b.jpg[/img]
  12. Think it was 20 bucks. Kind of steep for what it seems like it is (a piece of teflon/plasticky strip thing), but it solved my cutting problem, so I can't complain. I just pulled out the old strip (had to wedge under it at one end with a razor), cleaned off the gunk that was left over, put down the double sided tape and then carefully lined up the new strip and just slid it into place, pressing as I went. Works perfectly and was simple enough.
  13. I'm also pretty new myself, only been at it 6 months or so. The reason I replaced it is because the old one was all pitted and nasty from the blade slipping off and digging in, and I *THINK* that was part of the reason I was getting sloppy cuts. I replaced the cutting strip and put a new blade in today, and what do you know, it's cutting perfect with no rough edges or weeding troubles, and all of the cuts are closing nicely.
  14. Any thickness in particular? Should it even matter?