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  1. tattoo.dan

    Some printing

    Looks good. Border is a good idea too
  2. tattoo.dan

    First big job.

    Yeah I would be around that price considering all they do for u. Maybe less. Just use oracal 651 shinerite, lg or equivalent for that. Looks to be out of the weather
  3. I have had mine for about a week now and tried to swipe on 3 diff. occasions...swipe faster, swipe slower, swipe too fast, invalid swipe....what's the trick? may need to have my wife swipe it, she has never had a problem swiping my debit card! lol
  4. tattoo.dan

    just finished

    looks nice!
  5. tattoo.dan

    new toy..

    I agree. I found an old Hix 15" heat press in an old camper at my grandmothers house about 5 years ago. Had mouse turds and nests and about a four foot snake skin in it. Dragged it out, cleaned it up and started playin. I now have been a full-time shop for over a year and it is still used in my shop daily. Good presses. Funny how that and a uscutter started it all for me. Life changing stuff. Happy New Year!
  6. tattoo.dan

    Like I needed another shirt

    yeah, on stuff like that i would cut the white solid then press the red over it. alot easier. the first color you press is always gonna shrink a little so that almost guarantees that you will have a little shirt color show thru between vinyl colors. just my 2 cents
  7. tattoo.dan

    a little weeding(bored on new years eve)

    looks like fun. you are missin a 1 on top row though
  8. tattoo.dan

    Dodge wrap

    It's not intended for vehicles for safety purposes. It is intended for store windows and such as it has fewer holes and more printable area, which equals better looking image(i am sure that is why he wanted it) but less visibility. I use it on vehicles a lot, still pretty easy to see out, but neron is right to have them sign for liability purposes in case of an accident...
  9. tattoo.dan

    Dodge wrap

    same laminate and same method used here!
  10. tattoo.dan

    Dodge wrap

    I only use the felt squeegee. Never had any problems yet....I could see how using a harder squeegee could cause issues...I also use liquid laminate as well, so maybe that's why I have had better luck with the installl. How does the overlaminate you use work when it's raining? I've heard it makes it impairs the vision some...
  11. tattoo.dan

    Dodge wrap

    Looks good. Perf is surprisingly easy to work with. Pretty forgiving. I was nervous on my first install...
  12. tattoo.dan

    First Double sided Banner I made

    Peak is what I use too....Want double sided? I print two and hem and grommet them together. Works great! I can see where it would be nice to print on both sides in some applications, but I haven't had the need yet... Oh yeah, prints look nice!
  13. Yup, print...$18 single side and $28 double. That's what we get here...
  14. tattoo.dan

    26ft Banner in a day and still waiting materials (9.39am)

    Looks good! Had to have gotten some good money for that!