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  1. sandman

    Window Tint Cut Files

    My daughter bought a pre cut set of tint for one of her vehicles.
  2. sandman

    Fonts free for commercial use...

    Not all free for commercial use but has a no BS or popups download for each font displayed. The original link in this thread is junk!
  3. sandman

    Looking for lost font

    I had this on on my old system and it still shows in the SBD file but I can't find it to duplicate. SB brings up another font and says closest match. Anybody recognize or know the name of it?
  4. sandman

    Reflective Vinyl Cutting/Weeding Tips

    I have some 3M reflective vinyl and cut it on an old P-cut. I have to expose my blade a little deeper and set my press to 150 on that machine. I have to reset my depth and press for the different materials all the time. I usually use 100 to 120 press on regular products.
  5. sandman

    Receive Notifications popup

    I don't think that option was there or it didn't work when I started the topic. It became available or functional after I turned off all the notification settings in the forum menu and my Firefox also updated itself to version 48 so one of those actions could have made it happen. ORRRRRR a forum admin could have changed a setting so we could stop it. In the case of the latter I say THANKS!
  6. sandman

    Receive Notifications popup

    Just had it pop up but this time it had an option to always block notifications. Clicking on that seems to have it gone.
  7. sandman

    Receive Notifications popup

    No change! Turned off all notification settings available.
  8. Any way to stop this confounded "Do you want to receive notifications" from popping up on every click? I have tried to answer it not at this time and tried to just close it but I refuse to click yes as I do not want to receive notifications from this or any other web site. Using Firefox 47.0 on Windows 7 Pro
  9. sandman

    using the pen tool with signblazer

    I've done a little drawing with Sign Blazer. I use freezer paper and draw on the non waxed side. Did a long banner once for my wife's Sunday school class to color in the letters. It's good for testing projects before cutting too.
  10. sandman

    U.S.Cutter, Ebay, HT55 tape

    Bought my Creation P-cut from ebay auction. I set a budget for myself and kept bidding on different sales till I won one at the price I wanted to pay. Not sure if they even sell cutters at auction any more but they did when I got mine and I saved.
  11. sandman

    Vinyl for Coro signs

    Sounds like the old toilet paper between the boobs joke.
  12. sandman

    Got My Cutter In Today Titan 2 28"

    Great looking first cut! I run my old P-Cut through a 10' USB cable I bought at Big Lots years ago. I think I paid < 5 bucks for it.
  13. sandman

    Fixing other sign shops mess

    Curious that they would contract someone else a week later. Did they ask the other shop to fix it and get rufused or are they planning to pay them AND you? How much did they pay for the job to start with?
  14. sandman

    Signblazer Fonts

    Jaybird, Does that version start and run in full mode now or is it still run in trial mode? PS, I had the wrong link to that above. I went back and fixed it I think.
  15. sandman

    a few misc items

    Nice looking work. Yeah I was thinking Anheiser Bush would probably pay them for the ad rather than complain about any copywrite.