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  1. im in need of a 25 foot roll of 24 inch magnet material any body has someplace cheap to get it shipping is gonna kill me and local place want 150 a roll thats nuts i can get it for 100 shipping but still looking for cheaper
  2. Bluecaka69

    Little Nemo?

    here a bunch
  3. +1 No I dont do it for a living but im not going to do it for free either laying down 30 plus yards of vinyl will take some time plus the fact i have to design there logos and stuff the vinyl alone is almost 350 dollars so there is no way id do it for a few hundred dollars Normally I do small decal for friends and family and I also have a concession stand at the race track were i do some racing decals I would hate to undercut the shops around here just so I could make a quick buck. See how I see it is what comes around goes around
  4. ok heres the scoop a martial arts school want me to install a 24 inch stripe 38 feet long of oracle 8510 etched glass vinyl in the stripe we would have writing such as taekwondo judo hapkido and a few logos also they want a sign done outside that will be 3x6 feet with just logo and school name in black done on plexiglass that connected to a sheet of white plywood keep in mind production time and cleanup of old decals already on windows i put it into estmate with what i thought seemd right and came up wilth $1016 does that seem high or is it about right
  5. Bluecaka69

    How do you charge if you have to buy a new color?

    hook us up? where you get it? here what vinyl i have been using and love it they also sell by the yard
  6. Bluecaka69

    Vinyl For Paint Masking ?

    I use MACTAC paintmask from hh sign supply here is some work I have done with it
  7. anybody willing to help me out on a good price ive called a few stores here locally and prices range from 90 - 137 but that seems reallly high i was thinking like 50 a set or do you think thats to low
  8. I am going to be making door magnet for our martial arts school they will be 15"x18" Martial Arts Academy of Billings TaeKwonDon~Judo~Hapkido 528 lake Elmo billings Mt 406-867-5309 Will a very simple graphic that measures about 6x6 any input would be great also there was some software free for download kind of a pricing guide does anyone have that link
  9. Bluecaka69

    RC car body set

    both would be great but if i had my coice it would be the set of skulls on the doors
  10. Bluecaka69

    RC car body set

    what are the chances of sharing the eps
  11. Bluecaka69

    Need help

    sweet you are the best i thank you very much its people like you that make these forums a great help to others hopefully one day I ca help out more people just as you have helped me thanks again
  12. Bluecaka69

    Need help

    Thank you very much I appreciate it alot