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  1. I used to be an active member here but got out of the business. I was recently contacted by one of my daughter's old teachers who I had done some work for previously asking if I would do some work for him. He's looking to have some print music cut out to apply to stairs then clear coat over. If interested private message me our e-mail address and I'll pass it along to him. Thanks, Steve
  2. That is a nice looking truck. I've been dreaming of an F-150 and that's one of the two colors I like. Sure wish I could afford one right now!
  3. Here's an .ai version Dog Tags -
  4. How's this one? Dog Tag - Template.eps
  5. I sell them for $15
  6. Nice work Easy, the only thing you want to watch out for in the future is to make sure the artwork goes completely to all the edges. If you look to the right of her picture there is a little white. Either move the photo over to the right a little or make sure the background covers the entire area. That said the colors and design are great. Welcome to the addiction, and yes, Conde is definitely an enabler!
  7. I just recived my black Friday box of stuff from Conde, some very nice samples was sent! Thanks Conde, I love free stuff!!
  8. Just like crack, the addiction starts with the first one! Nice job.
  9. I always used 651 and had great success, even with fine detail. Just be sure to rub it down well so it has a good bond around the edges. I found that soaking the glass in hot soapy water for about 30 minutes after etching made the vinyl come off a lot easier.
  10. Looks great. Simple and classy.
  11. I like the new commercials as well. I hadn't realized the Dodge brothers started out with Ford, but I"m not surprised. The badge looks great.
  12. Is this the thread you are thinking of?
  13. Do some research about Legal Zoom before comitting to anything, I've heard about some horror stories with them.
  14. Check into sole proprietorship in lieu of LLC, much cheaper and for this type of business I think it's the best option. If anybody disagrees I'd love to hear why.
  15. I picked up a two pack of these, one large and one small I keep one on my cutter and use the other for triming app tape and sizing the decals. They are super cheap and work great.