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  1. Turtlemechanic

    need help on tranverse wave graphic please

    Worked great once i got the wave shape, I did 4 ft pcs, so they could be lined up better, wife was worried after 1st color, it was too formal and not random Then when i did the grey, it varies just in ht and placement enough to look 3d-ish again thankyou!
  2. Turtlemechanic

    need help on tranverse wave graphic please

    David, thank you! I have done 6 ft, so 8 shouldn't be any harder,
  3. Turtlemechanic

    need help on tranverse wave graphic please

    it is oracol 651, and the software came with 24 inch cutter I bought from here several years ago I will check for videos, I dint think of youtube, thank you
  4. Wife bought 2 colors and wants me to make graphics for the pontoon boat, I don't have a program or don't know how to use cutsalot I need a file like above that is 5 inches tall with 1-1/4 inch dips on a 4 inch spacing with a flat bottom, say 8 feet long (I good then make any length I need from it) So she will have 2 color "waves" down the sides I can then cut them out Can someone help or lead me to a tutorial for sir cuts alot to make what I need? TIA
  5. Turtlemechanic

    tatty jolly roger flag wanted

  6. Turtlemechanic

    anyone with a molom labe eps??

    thanks snagged it FBHO
  7. Turtlemechanic

    layering graphics using registration marks

    Thank you!! I will study the differences ...cheers
  8. Turtlemechanic

    layering graphics using registration marks

    This is what I started with, thanks for the helpHello_Kitty.eps
  9. Turtlemechanic

    layering graphics using registration marks

    oops this forumn is so different than others I post on,see word document below cut path hello kity Picture broke apart.doc
  10. Turtlemechanic

    layering graphics using registration marks

    Ok I cut vinyl and it will work just had issues I attatched screen shots with word see I have 5 colors Notice Black shows a solid pc, when selected it cut the entire design and on the red instead of just the bow it cut the entire design in pink so after weeding I had this I invisioned having a black out line,laying white down, then pink and finish with the yellow what am I doing wrong? . . . . . Also question on layers, do each page have it's own layers? if so what is purpose of multiple pages for the same "job" Thanks as always
  11. Turtlemechanic

    layering graphics using registration marks

    Sweet truck.....oops back on topic I got the cut by color that will work thank you . . New problem I made 2 registration marks ( a couple diamonds) and made them a different color than the rest of the stuff I went to cut by color, selected first color and then (from searching ) hit control and the registration color to select both colors.........errrrr...Fail So I sit and ponder, time for wine and play some more 2morrow night Are registration marks "anything" you make? or is there a drop down window....hidden by some force I have yet to master? Thank you for the help so far!!!!! I am bound and determined to get this cut this weekend..........only 4 more days LOL
  12. Question, I have been playing alittle with a picture; I want to do a multi color layup 1) converted and imported to SCALP - check 2) exploded and parts moved to seperate pages, with page 1 having the registration marks and so and so- check so this is when I realized that the different pages are not actually different layers( I can right click on the pages and see the layers associated with each page, they just don't seem to be linked together) so now I need to start over and have everything on one page and then layers (i figured out and played with opening and closing the eye to hide layers) How do I actually move these parts to seperate layers? I "thought" that just exploding/seperating drawing (unweld) would create the layers that didn't seem to work The Cad programs I can just click and change layers and continue to draw dependant on which layer is visible Thank you
  13. Turtlemechanic

    I am looking for the symbol for Pi 3.14

    Thank you!
  14. Turtlemechanic

    34in SC assemble with no manual

    y !!!!!!!!!!!THIS IS THE CORRECT OREINTATION OF THE ROLLER BRACKETS!!!!!!!! correct way and Slice and Dice I apoligize for the other pictures right side left side !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THIS IS THE CORRECT OREINTATION OF THE ROLLER BRACKETS!!!!!!!!