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  1. jerseysignandgraphics

    corel and eps files

    every time i import a eps file to corel to add text or create somthing it will not work in signcut. i am curentely trying to make personalized sports decals and when i import the sport logo witch is a eps file it is fine in corell i can add text when i go to send it over to sign cut the graphic never shows up. just the text. i have had this with quite a few eps files from other sorces. how can i get the files to show up in signcut. i can upload one of the eps files to you through email if that would help
  2. jerseysignandgraphics

    Pricing Questions?

    signcraft sign priceing guide is very helpfull
  3. jerseysignandgraphics

    My mh721 just stoped

    i have a very simular problem cutter just stalled and will not move the blade back and forth
  4. when trying to cut 15" rolls i leave aproximity 1/4" on bolth sides when cutting raceing stripes after about 3 feet the vinyl will slowley start to drift to the left and will run the stripes right off the vinyl when i pulls the vinyl back it will pull back to the origonal location where it should be how can i keep the vinyl on a streight path ? i have a refine 721
  5. jerseysignandgraphics

    where can i buy cheap graphics

    where can i get a lot of cheap graphics to cut ebay is ok but the cds are so unpredictable when you receve them.i am looking for sport logos car logos and so on
  6. jerseysignandgraphics


    i havent tryed that yet but staples in toms river nj has a whole bunch of colored shiny contact paper on clearence for .50