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  1. I have been using Signblazer, am not really happy with it and was informed that I could download the Signcut X2 from their website, which I did. And I can use if for 1 week prior to purchase. However. I cannot get it to communicate with my cutter. I have uninstalled the Signblazer. I have checked the cables. I need help. Soon, Thanks
  2. I am using the USB cable, without a hub, just like I use when using Signblazer. Set up with the USB-com port.
  3. I have a creation 630 cutter and when I select the cut button it says sending to cutter but nothing happens. Any help would be great.. I have unistall, reinstall, unplugged, changed usb cables, and I can not get anything to work!
  4. OK, top 2 are: cutter: Creation Pcut CT630, output device: Blazer.com6 - USB serial Port Please help me, because this is the 2nd cutter that I have received. the first one 3 weeks ago, had a failed Mother board that you only offered to send another Mother board instead of a new machine, and the Mother board that you sent me was the wrong one. If I cannot get this to work, I will be looking for another solution to this awful problem! I am in North Carolina! I can only get thru to you from 12noon my time till 6 my time and I cannot get anyone to call me during those hours. This is very frustrating.
  5. kenimes i went to open the SB, went to the cutter, and then setup. the 1st 2 selections are cutter and output device. please help us we are getting very angry that we bought this and cannot get it to cut.