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  1. Had a call today from a company asking to have an industrial sign taken down and put on a pallet for shipment. No idea how to price this one. The main part of the sign is 3' x 10' and it is a lit sign. I can rock it in the ground, so I don't think it will be that difficult to remove. I will have to build a custom pallet for it so they can ship it though. Any ideas?
  2. Rob28x

    Let's see your company logo(s)!

    Here's mine.
  3. Rob28x

    honda bubble " decepticon"

    Yeah $20 single color, $30 2 color is all I would have been able to get around here. I am jealous.
  4. Rob28x

    honda bubble " decepticon"

    $40!? wow
  5. Rob28x

    Company Logo

    It was a line of pre-packaged decals I did a few years ago. Still have a tub full of them in the basement.
  6. Rob28x

    Another boat

    I use one of those foam rubber pads people use for gardening... Saves the knee's
  7. Rob28x

    Company Logo

    Hmm reminds me of something...
  8. Rob28x

    Boat Lettering

    Should give him a quote to re-paint his boat...
  9. Rob28x

    Wedding Job

    yeah if they can afford a nice truck like that, rims and more then I am sure $100 was nothing
  10. Rob28x

    Another boat

    That came out good, must have been fun dealing with the grab handle...
  11. Rob28x

    Blank doggy shirts?

    also check
  12. Rob28x

    motocross jersey lettering and banners

    What vinyl do you use for heat press on jerseys? Standard Thermoflex work for that?
  13. Yeah I would just try it. I bet it will score/snap ok.
  14. Rob28x

    Micheal Jackson tickets to his funeral.

    now THATS funny Not a MJ fan in the least... would have to pay ME to be there.... lots of $$$...
  15. eh it would be better then waking up the next morning and finding out you did gay porn the night before...