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  1. Dolphin


    well I won't ask any more questions....It has been over a year that I asked that question and things do change everyday... just wanted some fresh ideas....sorry you won't have worry about my questions anymore.
  2. Dolphin


    Hello everyone, I have a cutter and I love cutting out vinyl and I would like some ideas of what I can put vinyl on besides t-shirts.. I appreciate your help.
  3. Dolphin


    Thanks for the ideas.....the vase with a quote sound of my friends just bought a flower shop and she asked me to put some items in her store on consignment but I think the vases will work well for her in your business.....I will try and make one this week and see how it comes out..
  4. Dolphin


    Hello everyone, I am wanting to make somethings for Mother's day and need some creative ideas. If you don't mind sharing some ideas I really would appreciate it. I have a plotter and heat press.
  5. Dolphin

    Happy Easter everyone!!!

    Thanks!!! Happy Easter to you!!!
  6. Dolphin

    Motorcycle Helmet Shield

  7. Dolphin

    pet memorial

  8. Dolphin

    My Wifes shop

    Great job ;D
  9. Dolphin

    sample of some work

    I used vinyl, I am just really learning all the things you can do with vinyl.
  10. Dolphin

    sample of some work

    Here is a plate I did....
  11. Dolphin

    Coffee mugs for Christmas

    Really nice..I like the cups
  12. Dolphin

    Sample work

    Hello everyone, Thanks for the , The font is shell chrome, and the flowers vectorized in corel draw(find your flower), we plotted and reverse the image and we use vinyl oracal 751 and applied it to our refrig.... more coming in the turn of the new year.....
  13. Dolphin

    Glass Block

  14. Dolphin

    Sample work

    Here is a sample of my work