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  1. KageDesign

    Cricut blades, what degree?

    They are 60 degree blades
  2. KageDesign

    Results of the last few weeks

    This is only a 1/4 of what Ive got finished, but my camara took a crap a few days ago, so Ill have to wait to post more pics
  3. KageDesign

    Results of the last few weeks

    Well, as soon as the snow went I away I got non-stop calls for signs. Its nice, but working 50-60 hours a week on top of doing all of this stuff at once is draining lol. anyway heres so pics. Ill be accenting the black letters on the bus, because the people didnt like the black all by itself, that I had tried to talk them out of
  4. KageDesign


    The driver listed is CTE630HPGL, thats the one that works for the pcut anyway.
  5. Are you putting the machine back online after you finish your test cuts, and setting up the speed and pressure?
  6. KageDesign

    PCUT CT900 Problems

    Check the set screws on your grit rollers and make sure they are still tight, if one of them is a little loose it will cause this because one is running faster than the other when the pressure of the pinch roller is down on it. They can loosen up during shipping, and if that doesnt fix it, open up the bottom and make sure the drive belts are still adjusted firmly, another shipping caused issue.
  7. KageDesign

    Vinyl Samples

    When I ordered my samples from oracal, it took just a little over a month to get them, I forgot I had ordered them until they showed up in my mail. That might be the problem, they send them through the U.S. Post office, and we all know how speedy they can be at times.
  8. KageDesign

    Got my heat press and did my first shirt

    Im using Siser Easyweed, purchased through UScutter
  9. KageDesign

    Snowmobile hood

    Very nice lookin, Im working on a friends snow machine hood as well, I wish his was as smooth as that one. His has about 10 different vents and a bunch of different lines to work around.
  10. KageDesign

    Got my heat press and did my first shirt

    Thanks everyone. The press was definitely worth the extra money, the saying you get what you pay for does still apply in some cases. Now hopefully I will get some orders in to start paying for it
  11. Finally got my heat press yesterday and did my first shirt when I got home from work. Ended up ordering the Hotronix 16x16 auto opening clamshell press from USC which was a much better choice than the one I was going to order off of ebay. Anyway heres the shirt and my new press
  12. KageDesign

    Firefox won't stay logged into any sites

    Firefox seems to have gone down hill to me. Get google chrome, actually loads faster and runs web pages faster, with or with out cookies enabled. When I used firefox it seemed like my internet connection was lagging on pages like myspace or youtube, but doesnt do it at all with chrome. Firefox was a definite improvement over IE, but google chrome is a much better improvement over firefox. Its a very basic browser, and you dont need to have a ton of plugins to run java or flash videos .
  13. KageDesign

    New to buying plotters, advice?

    If it was me, and I had the means to afford that equipment I might go for it, thats a pretty killer deal on that printer and cutter setup, and with the computers and software to run them, and materials to boot. But I would also be taking a look at the Roland Versacamm machines. A brand new one will run you about the same price for the SP-300v or $4-5000 more for the VP-300, both are 24" cutter/printer in one machine, but wont include any materials or the computer, but it does come with the software.
  14. KageDesign

    Need some help PLEASE!!!!

    When I looked at the nodes, I notice that there were some right on top of each other, the one laying on top of the other is not connected to the main wire frame of the fonts or bee, but will cause the cutter to cut a line where it finds these nodes. Ive had this happen to a few designs Ive cut, if your using sign blazer do a node edit and look around the whole design for what what looks like a darker colored cross, they will be darker than the rest of the nodes. and delete them. But occasionally it will delete the node that is actually of part of the design and when you exit node edit it will have erased part of the design.
  15. KageDesign

    Need some help PLEASE!!!!

    Do the lines that occur happen to start around the "Of Bullit County" ?