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  1. mobby

    SIGNBLAZER HOTSHOT.... do you want it?

    Upgrade available for win 7 32 & 64 bit
  2. mobby

    SignBlazer Elements 6.05 - Tested

    The "cracked" version is 6.05. The final release version was 6.0.27. The 6.05 is bug ridden. Try some complex node editing and suddenly a mass of lines appear. Also scaling is wrong for most chinese cutters. This is because the chinese think that there is only 25mm in an inch, so cutting a 500 x 500 square you get 508 x 508. The drawing tools randomly fail due to a failed license check. There is two license checks, and the crack only addresses one of them. The other one is random, so difficult to remove or bypass. As for removing the dongle, good luck, as part of the software runs in the dongle. Cheers Mobby
  3. mobby


    Jerry did not write the code. A few good ideas died with him but not much elese. look to the relaunch of elements soon
  4. mobby


    a few copies of Pro & Hotshot are still available
  5. Very common for the screws holding the solenoid and magnet concentric move slightly and cause coil, and hence head to rub and jam down. Cheers mobby
  6. See my other post same port speed problem Cheers Mobby
  7. This is a common problem. I think it is caused by the com port speed of computers being too quick for the low quality electronics used in most chinese cutters. You need to slow the port down in device manager to fix this. I recently fixed a CE1000 graphtec that was cutting garbage on a Vista laptop, to cutiing reliably. Most of the Cinese USB cutters dont have proper USB ports, just an on board USB - serial chip. Try it, it might fix the problem. mobby
  8. Signblazer, the name is gone forever. However replacement products are just around the corner. Mobby
  9. mobby

    cut a print question

    Not sure what you are doing here. You are in the print menu. Why are you not in the cut menu
  10. If you are in Australia contact mike
  11. When you are node edditing, click on a color in the palette and fllow instructions
  12. mobby

    Software Key not found - Error

    Send Mike an email at
  13. mobby

    circle size

    The array tool is available using "Y" as a shortcut. It is also halfway down the "Edit" menu
  14. mobby


    Just a warning here. For mainstream cutters like Roland, Graphtec etc, offset needs to be 0.00, as the cutter itself provides the offset setting. Some Chinese cutters will soon be the same, so be vigilant. Always use cutter offset rather than in software. mobby
  15. mobby

    Box around the graphic

    The clockwise & counterclockwise is not relevant for vinyl cutting. It is used to control the loop directions for dxf & eps files sent to routers that don't have their own software to reorder the cutting paths. For routing, the inside loop has to be in the opposite directin to outside loop. This is to ensure that the burr is always on one side ie the backside of the sign. Used in conjunction with "cut holes first" it also ensures that insides are cut first, as they must be for routing. It is also an advantage if you a cutting small letters, because if the outside is cut first, the shape make come loose from the sheet when the inside is cut. An example would be the letter "O" mobby