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  1. D4kustomz

    Font ID

    Have a customer looking for a font like this but can’t find it any help would be great Thank you
  2. D4kustomz

    Need help with font ...

    Ok great i fear its custom and i guess ill have to trace it out .. But thank you for taking a look for me..
  3. D4kustomz

    Need help with font ...

    Trying to redo this sticker for a friend but cant clean it up well enough to just cut it .. So i will need to just remake it and i need to find the font any help be great ty
  4. D4kustomz

    Does anyone have...

    Sorry just got back in town had a illness in the family .. Thank you so much OWJones this is going to help alot ..
  5. D4kustomz

    Does anyone have...

    I am looking for a image like this if anyone has one. Thank you IMG_20140417_0001.pdf
  6. D4kustomz

    heat press deal on ebay -

    Anyone have this unit i am looking to buy a bigger one then i have now to start doing more Tshirts and abit faster. Any info would be great thank you .
  7. D4kustomz

    Help with identifying font

    Again thank you ... Your the best... :thumbsup:
  8. D4kustomz

    Help with identifying font

    I was hoping that someone could please help me identify this font. I am trying to get as close as possible to it but I cannot locate it. Any help is greatly appreciated. IMG_20140417_0001.pdf
  9. D4kustomz


  10. D4kustomz

    Paintball Jersey Blanks

    I hear ya . Yea i found that Valken on another site to its close to plan i am thinking a hockey long sleeve is very close. Anyone recommend a good site to look at?
  11. D4kustomz

    Paintball Jersey Blanks

    Yea i looked at that site and called they told me we only sell named gear. I was looking for one without Dye or Empire. Not that it is not great name but just blank tops. And i use HTV now but i have never did more then 3 colors with that. So i was thinking for the logo to try the PT.
  12. I just got my first order for 10-15 Paintball Jerseys. I've looked around for a blank one but I have not had much luck. I see that there are long sleeve hockey Jerseys that are close but they still aren't what I am looking for. Has anyone had any orders like this before? And if you have, what did you use? This will be my first time not using my cutter to make all these Jerseys, what should I use? Plastisol Transfers for the lively color or something else? What did you personally use? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. I have attached an image below that is similar to what I am looking for. Except the logo.
  13. D4kustomz

    How to Vectorize images

    Wow that looks good and thank you for the small lesson. And that looks great
  14. D4kustomz

    How to Vectorize images

    Yea i am really just trying to get his outline ... For his upcoming show but its a hard picture i know ... Thank you
  15. D4kustomz

    How to Vectorize images

    Thank you will order them next week