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  1. Fbomb

    Lets help BannerJohn out!

    Takes one to know one...That's mighty great of you, especially being new around here.
  2. Fbomb

    Where to buy roll of paper?

    Check Art supply stores like Michaels...As for Easel paper rolls... <= Or just google it...
  3. Fbomb

    Noob from Central PA

    Welcome from SE PA! Some ppl use the cutter to score the pattern on thick stock, then cut the rest out. Sorry I am not to familiar with cutting gaskets. I've heard ppl do it for bike gaskets, but it just doesn't seem right to me...
  4. Fbomb

    631 on a Banner

    You should be alright as long as it isn't anything crazy in detail...Prep the banner well and dry apply. Make sure you handle the banner with care. You might want to see if anyone wants to trade of 631 for some 651 in the For Sale section...
  5. Cool thanks...This would be a great idea for an A frame too!
  6. Very clever...I like it! What would you charge for something like that?
  7. Fbomb

    What else do I need?

    Application tape Teflon Sheet IR temperature gun Squeegees Xacto knife + blades Work area As far as the tumblers, I am not sure. Maybe some cast vinyl. Welcome to the forum!
  8. Fbomb

    Banner - thanks to the Forum for help!

    Looks real nice!!!
  9. Fbomb

    New Logo For my Biz

    Yeah, I thought of a movie ticket from that shape...My only other suggestion is to move you logo upper left and stack your list on the right (or vise versa)
  10. Once I cut text for a friends hood the wrong way. I ended up cutting another the proper way and pressing one on the outside (the proper one) and one on the inside (the backwards one) on the lip of his hood. It came out pretty cool like an optical illusion. The only other thing not mentioned that I can think of is getting an IR gun to make sure your press is at the right temperature.
  11. Fbomb

    Got my heat press and did my first shirt

    Congrats!!! Heat pressing is so much fun, isn't it!
  12. Fbomb

    a friend asked me to make this shirt

    I'm subscribed to American Grizzly magazine! hahaha, not really, but its a funny story how I know that magazine exists! And it involves a "friend" of mine.
  13. Fbomb

    Looking to identify a couple easy ones...

    SMILES is "Expo" it has an alias too, can't think of it now... I know I have the RACING font, but I don't know it off the top of the dome...
  14. Fbomb

    a friend asked me to make this shirt

    ^^^FIXT! Come on cutme, just admit that you're the bear lover No need to bring your "friend" into this Good work
  15. Fbomb

    Lost my grangmother today

    101 is a long time on this earth! Your family is very lucky to have had her around all that time...I am sorry to hear of you loss!