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    Font I can't find

    Thank you so much. I must have totally hand cross eyes and missed it . Thank you again for your help
  2. n7kon

    Font I can't find

    Please help I have been looking for this font and have not been able to find it on the usual web sites.Does anyone know what this is. Thanks for any help morgan ind.pdf
  3. I picked up an R series cutter to use cutting names and numbers for the backs of shirts big stuff easy to cut. but it did not come with any instructions (don't know what I expected for $25) but was wondering if any one has had any experience with this cutter. main questions are over cut and offset for 45 and 60 deg blades. Thanks for any help Keith
  4. n7kon

    Font Name please help

    Can anyone help me with a name for this font. I have been looking on the web but with no name there are just to many. Thanks for any help Keith
  5. n7kon

    Font Name please help

    Thank you so much. You saved the day. Keith
  6. Can any one give me some tips on out lining text on shirt vinyl. I have never tried this before and have a customer that would like there text with a different color out line than the body of the text. Any guidance would would be very helpful Thanks for the help KeithH
  7. n7kon

    letter size

    I am cutting the school initials for the front of a hoodie. What would be the best size for this on an adult hoodie. LHS is what I am cutting Thanks for the help Keith
  8. n7kon

    letter size

    Thank you for the help. I will play with those sizes.
  9. n7kon

    Auto Decal designs

    I am looking for vector art for auto decals. Meaning decals like stripes decals for different models like for a new charger, or mustang. I have been looking around the net but only seem to find pre-cut decals. I want to cut them myself. Thanks for any help. Keith
  10. n7kon

    Auto Decal designs

    Thats what I was thinking the answer was going to be. I was hopping there would be a dvd that could be purchased. We have no one locally doing this and have had several request. Some folks have been buying them off the web and trying to put them on them selves and not having much luck. I have been applying decals they purchased elsewhere but as you said it is time consuming so have to charge more labor than they want to pay. That is until they mess one up. Thanks for the help. Keith
  11. Does anyone know where I can find cut designs for decals to put on a 2013 dodge charger? Thanks for any help Keith
  12. n7kon

    Font Name Please

    does anyone know the name of this font? Thanks for any help Keith
  13. n7kon

    Need Decals

    Just wondering if anyone would be interested in making some outside printed decals. If so please contact me at keith@acmeembroidery.com Thanks Keith
  14. n7kon

    Need Decals

    Thanks PointOfExpression for the offer but as you know now I should have said color printed decals for outside. Again thanks for the try Keith
  15. n7kon

    Sandwich Boards

    Looking for a supplier for sandwich board signs, is there one you all like the best? Thanks KeithH
  16. n7kon


    Here is a line drawing of your logo in vector still needs some node work but close. Hope it helps KeithH hcms.eps
  17. n7kon


    I have a customer that needs a solvint printed decal for the side of a boat. If some one would like to work with me on this please contact me. Keith@acmeembroidery Thanks Keith
  18. n7kon

    Line font

    I have a font that is two sets of lins one outside the other forming the letter twice. The lines do not touch each other or connect any place. If any one can help me with a name I would really apprciate it. I have tried outline , Line, double line and not found anything close. Thanks for any help KeithH
  19. Does any one have a tiger claw that looks like it is ripping through a shirt. Or has any one seen something like that that can be purchase. Thanks for any help KeithH
  20. n7kon

    Track shose

    I am looking for a vector track shose I can cut for a window decal. Thanks KeithH
  21. n7kon

    Track shose

    Thanks a lot for the help with the files they are great have a good day KeithH
  22. n7kon

    Tiger Claw ripping shirt

    Thank you for the files they are great. KeithH
  23. I am about ready to buy a cutter I can cut decals and printed vinyl on. I have a PCut now and it work fine just cant do some of the things I am getting asked for. My question is Are there any major advantages or disadvantages between the roland gx-24 and the ce5000. I see a lot of folks here really seem to like there 5000 which is good. I also like the fact that the graphtec has a plug in for coreldraw. I use corel for all my art work from embroidery to screen printing and vinyl. Have to transfer it to other programs to do the vinyl so if I understand it I can work right out of corel using the plug in. That is a big plus for me. Any advice would be helpfull thanks KeithH acmeembroidery and screenprinting
  24. n7kon

    USMC death before dishonor

    Unless you can get a copy from the tattoo artist this is a remake from scratch. About 5 hours of work and it would still be different close but still not the same. KeithH
  25. n7kon

    Tarrot Cards need Help please?

    to small of jpg to work with unless you hand trace it. Search google for this and you will get a better pic to work with. If you find one and cant get it traced let me know and I will work on it for you. But has to be a larger pic. KeithH