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  1. I bought a new refine cutter to get some work out of the way but would like to get my creation fixed I looked on uscutter and wanted to buy a motherboard but mine is just ltp port I emailed them but still dont have a reply Will the usb/serial motherboard replace my ltp motherboard ?
  2. Yes checked and double checked the settings on the machine Whats got me puzzled is how it just started cutting crazy lines and stuff near the end of a cut ? It was half working after that just cutting random lines instead of the graphic but now I get nothing when I send a cut ?
  3. Thanks , appreciate your help , I dont mind buying another one , I just want someone to confirm its dead , I would hate to buy another and it was still workable lol
  4. Damn , I found a serial cable at maplins and its still the same Im using signcut and with that nothing happens when I send a cut With signgo it starts to cut but just all random lines and stuff
  5. Thanks , no I have not tried another serial cable yet , I went to buy one but no one had any stock I managed to get it cutting on another pc with signgo but it was just cutting random lines and rubbish ? Do you think that could be caused by the serial cable Thanks for the reply
  6. Hi , I have been using a creation pcut 630 for over a year , its connected by serial I used it this morning and near the end of a job it just decided to go off course and cut a straight line so I switched it off Then every cut I sent to it just tried to cut a straight line and that was all Now it wont respond at all from signcut but still switches on and lights up does a test cut etc Has it died or could it be something else causing this ?
  7. acegames

    Free vector graphics link

    I found this link today I think it just searches brandsoftheworld logos but its a great little site to search for a logo as you get previews too
  8. acegames

    Porsche BOXSTER Vector

    Does anyone have the "Boxster" vector they could share please
  9. The software looks like its set up to work on the com port your printer is instyalled on
  10. acegames

    Could somebody help with this please

    Thankyou very much
  11. I am trying to vector this but its not looking as good as expected , could somebody help please
  12. acegames

    need help vectorizing this

    Thanks , I cut and stuck this one to my garage wall along with the 930 turbo
  13. acegames

    Help with font please

    I think its the Carrera font that is porsche licensed only , Im also looking for something similar or close to it