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  1. I must say you guys are great and helping me with my problem. Response was quick and very helpful. Thanks hopefully the next plotter works out great when I get the other one. I must say my worry's are over I know i'm dealing with professional not some john doe! I also would like to thank big bear for help me stay claim when i could've said some mean things.
  2. I appreciate your help I got your email late this morning will call monday. I left a VM on saturday I will call Monday. I'm worried that I got stuck it happen to me once already and I have jobs pending and need of completing these job before they get upset with me. Like I said the machine is not working at all please help me trust me I know I got a great deal. What ever it take to get this done these past month have been bad for business. 804-986-3310 cell phone call me when you get a chance.
  3. I purchase a plotter from you guys and it doesn't work at all. I just got it about 3 hours ago and all it does light of reset light and blade holder just goes up and down..... VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!!!!!! NEED HELP AND CONTACT INFORMATION
  4. prontos signs

    Anyone Use WinPCSign

    Are you able to use the us plotter on win pc sign pro? Wonder?