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  1. I purchased my pcut about a year ago. I had no problems getting it running. I didn't have any problems connecting the usb, finding the right com port, or having the baud match on the cutter and the sign blazer. Everything was working and cutting fine, until last night. For no reason what so ever my computer doesn't recognize the usb cord anymore. It recognizes all my other usb connections like my wireless mouse, printer, or jump drive. When I connect the pcut into the computer, a warning box says, "one of the usb devices has malfunctioned and windows does not recognize it." So I got out my blue driver cd-rom to re-install. When I put it in the computer, the computer doesn't bring anything up. When I manually try to install a new program from the disc, it says "the installation on this disc cannot be found. And the only file that will run on the disc, is the uninstall. I did run the uninstall in hopes it would then re-install properly. Nope. The found new hardware screen is not popping up. I've also tried to go into the find new hardware wizard and look for it manually, but it ends up saying the device may not have installed correctly and asks for an installation cd. I really need your help. I have vinyl that needs to be cut yesterday. Any suggestions?