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  1. A few weeks ago, I lost my Motherboard...(all fixed now) but now when I open Signblazer, my Arial Black font has turned to italic on a sign reprint job.... It looks OK when I click on the font file for preview, but Signblazer is showing it (screen) as Italic....I've not tried to cut as it may cut corrrectly. Any suggestions? Thanks The Tenor Man
  2. The Tenor Man

    FlexsignPlus 5.5 with P-Cut CTN-630?

    Thanks for the reply.... I tried that one, but I had no luck.....It seem that all of the cutter drivers are in one file called "custom.csm". I opened the P-Cut.csm file in Notepad and then copied it to the Flexi-"Custom.csm" file using a plotter name that was already there...still nothing....I don't know if it's possible to "edit" the Flexi file.... I may give up since this is such an old version...but it has some nice features... Thanks, The Tenor Man
  3. The Tenor Man

    FlexsignPlus 5.5 with P-Cut CTN-630?

    Hello all, Does anyone know of a compatible driver that that I can try to operate the P-Cut CTN630 with Flexisign Plus 5.5? It's an old version of Flexi, but I'd like to try it with the P-Cut. Thanks, The Tenor Man
  4. The Tenor Man

    I'm trying to cut small letters?

    Thanks for the Speedy Replies... I've checked the manual and I don't think that I had the blade offset set correctly... Acording to the Manual, it says the blade offset should be set to .25 to .35 mm. I read somewhere in this forum that the blade offset should be set to .025mm. I'll try the .25mm offset and see what happens. (I was having fairly good cutting until I read the .025mm setting...silly me!) I also noticed with the offset at .025mm, the letters are rounded...I will also slow the cutting speed to the lowest (I believe it is 10 on the PCut 630.) I've only had the machine for a couple of months and have already done some signage and truck lettering, which seem to turn out pretty well. Thanks, The Tenor Man
  5. Hello all, I'm trying to cut some 1/2" high letters and I having a bit of a problem. I've set the offset in SignBlazer to .003 and the pressure on the cutter to 120... The problem is that it seems to be "chewing" the letters and causing them to lift off the backing paper. I think I'm using the 45 degree blade. I put a bit of oil on the shaft of the blade and cleaned it with some solvent... It's cutting through only the vinyl and not the backing paper.... Any thoughts... Thanks, The Tenor Man
  6. The Tenor Man

    What does your user name mean??

    If you check out my site(s)'ll see! The Tenor Man
  7. The Tenor Man

    Anyone know what these fonts are?

    I think that they are both Garamond....Standard and Bold Italic...(Garamond 3 has a really small "x" height...) I've been a Commerical Printer for more than 30 years...sometimes the only way to match a font is to get out the type books and while you are eating lunch, turn the pages and look at every font...It ain't fast, but it works... The Tenor Man
  8. My advice is to let the vinyl "bank" (like wet wallpaper) a bit before cutting...unroll some of the vinyl and let it lay flat as long as possible...even if it's just hanging over the seems to cut better when it is not so curly... My 2
  9. Buy the's light in weight and it will keep your table clear for weeding. Forget the instructions in the book... The long screws (with the lock washers) hold the botton part of the stand...the medium srews with the flat washers hold the sides (rounded edge to the outside) to the center bar and the countersunk chrome screws hold the mounting bracket on the top of the sides. Put those screws in the outside holes of the sides otherwise they won't match the threads to the cutter. Finally, the round head chrome screws hold the cutter to the stand brackets...You'll need to look underneath the machine and they go where the plastic is slotted.... I hope you don't have to do what I did...enlarge the holes on the bottom bar with a drill.... They did not line-up correctly with the threads...about 2mm off....and you don't want to force them into the will strip easily... The Pcut is a great little "starter" machine...It took longer to build the stand than it did to set-up the cutter...and it cuts very well... Best of luck, The Tenor Man