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  1. richie6

    More Free Vinyl

    I know this is old, but anyone try to get any samples lately?
  2. richie6

    Clear Vinyl/ Clear Bra - Automobile

    Does anyone know where to get some clear vinyl to be used on a automobile for a bra? I gotten a free roll of this a little ways back, but never had a use for it so the wife threw it away.. Any help would be great!
  3. richie6

    need Balto Ravens ASAP

    I am looking for a vector of the Ravens head that faces right.. In need ASAP!!
  4. richie6

    New Fishing slogan

    Thanx for the response.. These all will work. I have passed them on!
  5. richie6

    New Fishing slogan

    Looking to update a slogan for a charter boat. The old one is "For A Legendary Fishing Experience" I would like to come up with something new for flyers for the 2010 Summer.. Any help would be great!
  6. richie6

    Please help with font...

    I need to match this font up, so I can cut to match. I used "" and it cam up with "Radiant F URW D Extra Cond Bold". I dont have this font on Sign Blazer, so can it be added?? Please... Any info would be great!!
  7. richie6

    Please help with font...

    Thanx so much! How difficult is it to add into Sign Blazer?
  8. richie6

    First Beer Mugs

    I did those for my wedding party two years back. I got the mugs from Walmart. I believe $1.25ish..
  9. richie6


    With this font?? What is it??
  10. richie6

    Application Fluid?

    What is the best Application Fluid to use? I was putting a decal on a window this pastweekend and it turned out with a lot of bubbles. The window was very clean with no dirt, dust, etc. Or does someone else have a better way to install, so no bubbles turn out?
  11. richie6

    Application Fluid?

    Awesome... Thanx for the quick replies
  12. richie6

    Decal or Sticker.

    I call them Decals, but the wife calls them stickers..
  13. richie6

    Please Help..

    Does anyone know what font this could be??
  14. I have a USB adater to Serial plug into my cutter. I recently unplug the USB from my computer to redo all my cables. Now I can not cut anything... Any suggestions on how to reconfigure?? In desperate need!
  15. richie6

    Anyone print Koozies?

    I am looking into making screens for them, but not sure what kind oif ink to use. Anyone do these?
  16. richie6

    Anyone print Koozies?

    Will the Siser work on koozie material (neoprene)??
  17. richie6

    Anyone print Koozies?

    Any brand I should look for and try? Never did this before, so all help would be great!
  18. richie6

    Anyone print Koozies? minimum order is 100. I am looking to get 12 or so... I saw on other website they are pretty cheap, but shipping is no less than 9-10 bucks...
  19. richie6

    Free 3M Sample rolls

    Filled out also..
  20. richie6

    Free Transferite Tape Sample

    Very Easy... See how long it takes to receive
  21. richie6


    As they used to say "Where's the Beef?"
  22. richie6

    Hibiscus Flower

    How hard is it to add the font into Sign Blazer? Not sure how it is done...
  23. richie6

    vinyled my macbook!!

    Very nice
  24. richie6

    Working on a Logo...

    What do you think? A simple idea..
  25. richie6

    Working on a Logo...

    All finished.. Fixed a few things..