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  1. I need to match this font up, so I can cut to match. I used "" and it cam up with "Radiant F URW D Extra Cond Bold". I dont have this font on Sign Blazer, so can it be added?? Please... Any info would be great!!

  2. What is the best Application Fluid to use? I was putting a decal on a window this pastweekend and it turned out with a lot of bubbles. The window was very clean with no dirt, dust, etc.

    Or does someone else have a better way to install, so no bubbles turn out?

  3. I have used Thermoflex Xtra and Siser's Easyweed Extra, both made specific for nylon and both work excellent.  Uscutter carries Siser, I am not sure if they carry the Extra though.  Either of those should work great for koozies. 

    Will the Siser work on koozie material (neoprene)??