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    First banner

    Very nice
  2. richie6

    Help need on a cutter

    I want to purchase a vinyl cutter to make small logo's and possible signs for family member's businesses. I don't have a lot of room where my computer is and also don't want to spend too much. So I am looking at the the "MH Vinyl Cutter 12" or 25". I don't really need a 25", but i noticed all the rolls of vinyl are 24" wide. Is there a plus to get the 25"?? Also, can you use the 25" without a stand??
  3. richie6

    Things you do at 2am

    I have a few ideas now what to do if I am up early in the am
  4. richie6

    pair of reflective magnets

    What did you use to cut out the truck shape?
  5. richie6

    tiger car

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    What ive been doing recently

    I believe it is just like Bean Bag Toss.
  7. richie6

    Help need on a cutter

    What do you use to cut a roll down to fit??
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    Free Stencils site

    God question?? Anyone?
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    My first signs and first vehicle for $$$$

    :thumbsup:Thumps Up
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    Some More Airbush Stencils

    I like the skulls.. Looks great
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    I like it..
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    Very cool.. Never thought about that kind of work!
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    Finally got some shirts made...CHECK IT!!

    Very nice.. ;D
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    Nintendo Wii or PS Skins??

    Does anyone have a templete or know where is a good place to find them?? I would like to try this out on mine.
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    Logo concept start

    Looks good. Not sure if I like the wavey font...
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    Latest creation 2

    Very nice
  17. richie6

    Vehicle Magnet

    What did you charge for that??
  18. richie6

    Help need on a cutter

    Is it difficult to cut down the 24" rolls to fit? Canyou use the 25" cutter without a stand?