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    Working on a Logo...

    Thanx all. Now i am trying to open it and vectorize the whol wave. And no luck. Only the darker blue shows. Is there someone who can help me?? Here is the jpeg of the wave.
  2. richie6

    Anyone know this font?

    Please help with this one...
  3. richie6

    More Free Vinyl I filled out a form online a week or two ago. Got a roll of white that is 53"x5 yards. My cutter is not that wide, so I will cut it down! Can't beat free!! Woo Hoo!
  4. richie6

    Robs Medium

    Looking for "Robs Medium" font. Or anything that is close...
  5. richie6

    My first decals

    Nice video for Newbies (and everyone else!)
  6. richie6

    Etched Glass

    Armour Etch is the best. I tried it on a glass Saturday. Now I have 4 sets of glasses waiting to be done fro X-Mas presents!
  7. richie6

    Etched Glass

    I just got a bottle from Michael's last night... Gonna try it out over the weekend!
  8. I was looking for something like this to remove silver from a mirror to put a tv behind it! I want to remove a small section..This looks like it will work great!
  9. richie6

    Wii remote

    I'll be the third for a templete!
  10. richie6

    I'm going legal

    is anyone from the MD area? I was looking into the Business License and possible EIN for taxes... Not sure what is the correct steps...
  11. richie6

    Harley Davidson??

    Found it on there... Thanx!
  12. richie6

    Harley Davidson??

    Looking for the Emblem and the name written out as seen in a few logos.
  13. richie6

    Ford Mustang

    Looking for the Mustang Logo. The horse running..
  14. Anyone have a sample to show. I need to create one... Thanx
  15. I have a person who wants a decal done that is 5" x 5". Not too much work involved(maybe 15 mins.), just to cut and apply transfer tape. Any help would be great..
  16. richie6

    Phil Eagles and Phillies

    Looking for these?
  17. richie6

    can someone help vectorize

    it would be a great help and thank you.
  18. richie6

    Please Help

    That will work... Thanx!
  19. richie6

    Please Help

    Can someone please Vectorize these two pics?? Thanx...
  20. richie6

    please help..

    Can someone please Vectorize this photo?? Thanx
  21. Not sure in Technical Support is open today. I just called and they didn't say ything except they were open 8-4 pacific time. So, i will try to call then..
  22. I am having the same problem.. Disk will not load!
  23. richie6

    Need a Doxie Pic

    I had one, but now I can't fid it.
  24. richie6

    Need a Doxie Pic

    Daschund (Dog)