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  1. jccardenas

    ps4 light bar decal FILE

    Thank you so much!!
  2. jccardenas

    ps4 light bar decal FILE

    Sorry, for the late respond, This is what i want one THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
  3. jccardenas

    ps4 light bar decal FILE

    Hi, is any one have the file or size for the decal on the PS4 controller light bar i need any design its fine, Thanks.
  4. jccardenas

    going back to USB ?

    you think support windows vista ??
  5. jccardenas

    going back to USB ?

    how can i look for like keyspan serial port pin ? how many pin ? thanks
  6. jccardenas

    going back to USB ?

    wow so that work ? same like serial port in my computer ?
  7. Hi Few months a go i got a problem with my Laser plotter i was cutting with USB AND VISTA and was doing a wear lines over my job you guys help me with the solution was play with my serial cable and works so i discard the USB but my computer is kind old, and i am looking for a new pc but the new ones are missing the serial port ?? what can i do ? if is a new computer with more memory you guys think its ok going back to USB ?? is that gonna work ?? thanks
  8. jccardenas

    bar code

    Hi looking for some barcodes image please. thanks.
  9. jccardenas

    Which Transfer paper for dark shirts ?

    did you wash the tshirt are ready ? what kind of printer and ink did you used ? please let me know i like to try some. thanks
  10. jccardenas

    hot melt adhesive film ?

    why no one can answer my question ?
  11. jccardenas

    help please !!

    hey !! Sorry i was out of town !! i tried my plotter with the new conection and is working great thanks !! thank you so much !!
  12. jccardenas

    help please !!

    ok i got it !! thanks now responds ! but i will tried this later i hope fix my problem. thanks one more time .
  13. jccardenas

    help please !!

    ok i found my cable is there any settings i need to change ?
  14. jccardenas

    help please !!

    i don't remember if my plotter came with this 9 pin cable any way i can't find it, but i have a RADIOSHACK serial port cable SR2 9 pin but i need female to male converter is that work ??
  15. jccardenas

    help please !!

    ok i will tried, is there any change on my settings ?? i never tried 9 pin cable before .