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  1. Jack Beck

    Windshield Banner

    I need to make a windshield banner for a friends Acura Integra. Does any one know the average size for this? length and width? Thanks Jack
  2. Jack Beck

    Zac Brown Band

    Does anyone have a vector of the Zac Brown Band Logo? Thanks in advance Jack
  3. Jack Beck

    plz help to identify this font

    Any one know what this font is? Thanks in advance Jack
  4. Jack Beck

    Biker Graphic

    way cool !! Any chance of getting this in an eps file? thanks Jack
  5. Jack Beck

    any one know this font

  6. Jack Beck

    any one know this font?

    Does anyone know the name of this font? thanks Jack
  7. Jack Beck

    Celtic Cross

    thanks jeremySI mark-s I had done a search and found just one and the person I am doing the decal for did not like it. thank you for your time. Does any one have any cut ready Celtic Crosses? maybe with some Celtic knots. thanks Jack
  8. Jack Beck

    Celtic Cross

    Any one have some Celtic Crosses? I need this for an In Memory of Decal. Thanks Jack
  9. Jack Beck

    ITC Giovanni Bold

    the ITC Giovanni set. ITC_Giovanni.zip ITC_Giovanni.zip
  10. Jack Beck

    AI files

    In Flexi use import not open you should be able to import AI files and than cut them.
  11. Jack Beck

    Greatful Dead

    Thanks Dylan Yes thats the logo I am looking for. However that ones a little rough..... I do appreiciate the effort. I am looking for this same logo in one color or up three colors ....clean..crisp..and ready to cut. If any one runs across it plzz post it here. Thanks Jack
  12. Jack Beck

    Ok not having any luck at this...

    That is a secret but really, Imagaro Z software works wonders on artwork like that. Have fun, Jon ??? WOW!!!!! That Software looks impressive Jon. Thanks for posting the link, I have Imagaro Z on my wish list. there is a 20 day Demo on the site also. www.Imagaro.com Thanks again Jack
  13. Jack Beck

    Greatful Dead

    I need a clean cuttable "Steel Your Face" logo from the Greatful Dead. http://images.google.com/images?um=1&hl=en&safe=active&rls=com.microsoft%3Aen-us&rlz=1I7GPEA_enUS294&q=grateful+dead+steel+your+face&btnG=Search+Images Thank you in advance Jack
  14. Jack Beck