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  1. Great work all around really like the etchings.
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    very nice!!!
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    looking for nemo and pokemon
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    LG 6733 yellow & Oracle 098 Gentian blue

    your welcome hope it worked out for ya
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    Gomer's work

    looks great
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    LG 6733 yellow & Oracle 098 Gentian blue

    Your welcome and thank you for saying" thanks for taking the time and looking at the color charts to compare them for me"
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    LG 6733 yellow & Oracle 098 Gentian blue

    looking at both color charts the LG 6733 med yellow looks to be the same as oracal 651 --022 light yellow. So i would order the both oracal's from uscutter
  9. you should have a ground wire or a place to put one, then just ground it.
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    very nice
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    4x8 Exterior Store Front Sign

    very nice
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    Contourcutting without laser ?? maybe this will help.
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    Following Arc on back window

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    Following Arc on back window

    Your welcome but i'm lost on the "Mr. Dierta" even googled it ??
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    Following Arc on back window
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    PLEASE need this image vector ASAP

    here is a start, the USA needs to be cleaned up as there is an outline to all the little pieces. Or you can use the font as suggested. PR.eps
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    very cool lol
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    Transfer tape problems.....

    cut your tape to the length and make a U with it, and center over decal and lay it down while gently pulling on the ends. Then squeegee from the center out. Takes a little practices but you will get it, be doing 5-6ft lengths in no time. Remember you can overlap the tape if needed, but the smaller the overlap (1") is better. (tip: if your going to overlap with paper tape and do a wet install, tape the overlap with some good scotch tape so it wont separate during the wetting or wetness lol .)
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    What do you think about this

    I think its cool the thin lines in the blades is going to be tough to cut when its a small decal. Nice work!
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    New Decal

    Nice looking work, your mirrors look nice also
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    Need a Dragon