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    Diameter of a 50 yard roll

    Can anyone tell me the diameter of a new roll of 50 yard vinyl? I'm building a vinyl rack and I want to make sure it will accomodate the 50 yard rolls if I ever buy that much. Thanks.
  2. snlsd

    Diameter of a 50 yard roll

    I guess I got lazy and bought the economy rack from Fellers. $31 I figured it would cost me at least that much in time and materials.
  3. snlsd

    Diameter of a 50 yard roll

    Well I never got around to this project yet. Maybe this weekend. How do you store your vinyl when you're not cutting? I was going to buy a metal rack, but thought I could make one for cheap.
  4. Found this online and thought I would share.
  5. snlsd

    need some help....again

    Thanks again for your help. A few node edits and everything looks perfect. Now the big question is how did you do it so easily? What program did you use?
  6. snlsd

    need some help....again

    I tried vectorizing this logo in vectormagic, Inkscape, and Signblazer with no luck. Either the edges are not sharp, especially on the gold/green logo or I can't cut it because the vectored image doesn't recognize the letters. The one from vectormagic was the closest, but it didn't have the holes cutout for the the letter B or e. Appreciate any input you have. Thanks!
  7. snlsd

    need some help....again

    haumana Basically I'm looking for two color. One color green for the letters and the gold for the logo. The darker green in the logo would be the same color as the letters. rod, There's a few nodes I'll need to clean up, but it looks really good. How can I delete the black lines in the logo so it's only two colors overall?
  8. snlsd

    need some help....again

    The colors don't have to be exact. However, I do need the letters in green to be different than the gold part so I can cup them out seperately. Right now the colors are green gold and white. One color green for the letters and the part inside the logo. For some reason the circles in the letter B and E are white and I want the to be cutout. I tried to weld the white part with the green and it didn't work. I have to clean up the nodes a little, but the most annoying part is the "B" and "e". I don't want to cut out white vinyl and put it over the B and e. Here is the signblazer file if you are familiar with this program. brehonmag2.SBD brehonmag2.SBD
  9. snlsd

    Athletic Number Iron On's

    Here's another good number font:
  10. snlsd

    Coroplast for Tree Service

    turned out pretty good. Wish I had a tree service job. I'd trade them for removing the old stumps in my yard. LOL!
  11. snlsd

    My newest banner!

    Excellent job. The extra coins were a nice touch.
  12. snlsd

    Looking for American Flag

    I tried the search, but only saw American flags with checkered flags. I must have overlooked it. Thanks again for posting.
  13. I'm looking for an American flag or anything patriotic with the stars and stripes. I have a customer with a car dealership that is looking for red, white and blue as a theme for their logo. Thanks!!!
  14. snlsd

    Need help with these logos

    I tried and Signblazer. I couldnt' get them to turn out very well. I'm not sure if this is because the files are small or I just don't know what I'm doing. Thanks!
  15. snlsd

    Need help with these logos

    Did you get this with a font or the vectored image? I found a few fonts that were close, but I'm waiting to hear back from the client. The images are so small that I wasn't able to vectorize them. Although, I'm not an expert on vectorizing images yet.
  16. snlsd

    New website in progress

    I've been working on a new website lately. It's not complete past the main page, but it's a start. I would love to hear everyone's feedback.
  17. snlsd

    Shipping items is a great place to buy shipping tubes and supplies. Local office supply stores are much more expensive. I suppose if you only need 1 or 2, then this wouldn't be a good resource. I buy one size tube and cut them down if they are too big.
  18. snlsd

    My first shirts~!

    looks great. my son loves tigers. care to share the tiger image? thanks!
  19. snlsd

    first time newbi question

    you might try I've heard it works well. Although I haven't had much luck as others.
  20. snlsd

    How do I outline my decal in a different color?

    In Signblazer, just select the outline and then click on the color you want.
  21. snlsd

    Free font sites

    Another good Also, this site is great for identifying a font you don't know.
  22. snlsd

    Looking for a few fonts

    Thanks John. This was the closest font I could find to the logo I posted earlier.,10486.0.html I'd rather have the actual logo, but the font might work. Thanks again.
  23. snlsd

    Looking for a few fonts

    Looking for these fonts; Berthold Standard-Diagonal or Nimbus Sans D Diagonal Thanks!!
  24. snlsd

    Need this font, please

    Looking for 'Angsana New'. I looked and it is supposed to come with Windows XP. For some reason, my PC doesn't have this font available.