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    What length vinyl do you buy

    I buy 50 yard rolls for the basic colors. Red, black, white, blue. 10 yard rolls for everything else, unless I have a big job where I know I'm going to use most of the 50 yard roll. Funny thing about Teal. I bought a roll for a small job and suddenly needed it for another job. John is right, when they know you have the color they want you'll usually sell it.
  2. snlsd

    hey my name is Bob and I need help

    A lot of folks on here have had great experiences with US Cutters. PCUT or Refine would probably work fine for what you need. Both sold on or you can try your luck on ebay. For starters you'll need a cutter, vinyl, xacto knife, plastic squeegee, and transfer tape. You can buy vinyl and transfer tape from USCutter. There are a number of sites that you can buy sign materials from. Some require that you have a sign business and some do not.
  3. snlsd

    MDO Plywood signs

    Pioneer Sign Supply. Located over by the West End Bridge in Pittsburgh. You'll need to setup an account with them first. They deliver for free for anything over $40. They have some great laminated wood products that would work well.
  4. snlsd

    I'm going legal

    neron, You can do everything on the PA for Business website. One application will sign you up for your sales tax # and anything else you need. You shouldn't need to leave your house to do this.
  5. Oh, by the way. Mine price was just for the sign. Customer installed himself.
  6. snlsd

    looking for frogs

    Looking for a tree frog. Specifically something with a 3D effect like the image attached. I found a few on the forum, but nothing I could use.
  7. snlsd

    registration marks

    Rainey Keep in mind that the directions you are reading from pertaings to Signblazer Pro, not elements. Not everything in the guide on the CD is included with elements.
  8. snlsd

    Shadows and outlines-registration marks?

    I use the diamond shape from the library within Signblazer. Library icon is on the top row with all the other features.
  9. snlsd

    elements manual available?

    Did you try looking on the Signblazer software CD. I think there is a a PDF guide that you can read through. Ken is right about the directions being for the Pro version. Still, the manual will get you started.
  10. snlsd

    What Oracal blue to use for US Flag?

    I just did a flag the other day in king blue. Turned out pretty good.
  11. snlsd

    Need Help

    I second Magnum. Check around ebay and you'll find the prices for the so called "wholesale" magnets are more expensive than buying Magnum from your local supplier. When a company delivers or ships for free you can't beat the price. Shipping kills any deal you might find online.
  12. snlsd

    Need Help

    Shipping is free from Fellers for orders over $75. They ship to you the next day.
  13. Looking for someone that can print vinyl decals for me. I'm making a car magnet and the customer wants a picture of their product on the magnet. Rough size of decal would be 9x7. I think I need 4 decals, but possibly more. The rest of the magnet is 3 lines of text. I might consider printing the entire magnet. Overall magnet size is 8x24.
  14. snlsd

    Vehicle Magnet

    Here is a set of magnets I did the other day. The celtic logo was my favorite part. The gold and green looked pretty nice together.
  15. I just did a 24x36, two sided and charged $130. This was for 0.08 aluminum.
  16. snlsd

    Vectorizing question

    Ok, I vectorized this and it looks good. The only problem I have is it came up as 8 colors. I only want it as four color. blue, white, black, silver. How do I get rid of the extra colors, or combine them to make 4 total? restyle.SBD Restyle001.eps restyle.SBD Restyle001.eps
  17. snlsd

    PDF to EPS?

    if you are using signblazer, I think the vectorized one is blue. You can tell by selecting it and clicking on node edit. The bitmap image won't allow you to node edit. Delete the bitmap. Personally I've found inkscape to yield better results with vectorizing. Signblazer works well on the simple stuff.
  18. snlsd

    PDF to EPS?

    Is it possible to take a PDF to EPS? I need the CBM logo in black and blue. I don't need the "Bay Area Commercial Building Maintenance". I had a smaller jpeg, but the quality wasn't good enough to vectorize. BACBM Logo 06 04 08.pdf BACBM Logo 06 04 08.pdf
  19. snlsd

    Vectorizing question

    EPS will work fine. I just need the blue, white, silver and black. Shadow on the logo and the silver lettering would be black along with the text.
  20. snlsd

    PDF to EPS?

    Download a program called Inkscape. It's free. Then read this:,8390.0.html These instructions are better than anything I could explain. Your logo was pretty easy compared to some stuff I've received from customers. Most of the time you can convert it using Inkscape. Others use graphics programs like Photoshop or Illustrator. Signblazer also has vectorizing abilities. Select your image, Click on "Image", then "Mode" and convert your gif, jpg, bmp to Monocrome. Then click on vectorize. You'll need to delete the original when you are done.
  21. snlsd

    Vectorizing question

    Only using signblazer right now.
  22. snlsd

    Vehicle Magnet

    Although not as impressive, here is a magnet I did for their front door. I think it was 32"wide by 24" tall. It was a perfect solution for them because they were not permitted to permanently put vinyl on the door.
  23. snlsd

    Vehicle Magnet

    If you do any magnets, get a corner rounder. $3.88 from WalMart in the scrapbooking section. Near the crafts and fabric at my local WM. Thanks to Banner John for this suggestion.
  24. snlsd

    Coroplast Signs

    I actually did 4 of these for free for a relative. Told them I would donate them if I could advertise. Normally I would not advertise on someone else's sign. However, given the opportunity for free advertising I would probably give a discount for a small logo. Especially on vehicles.