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  1. ruger

    Death Skull

    Took it VERY COOL thanx...mike
  2. ruger

    anyone have packer player

    GREENBAY 31 Pittsburgh 25 !!!!!! ;D
  3. ruger

    skull for a welding helmet

    Very cool TY
  4. Just wanting to wish all here a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all and may next year bring [glow=red,2,300]personal fortunes [/glow] to all! Mike
  5. ruger


    and leave is spelled leave not live...just saying
  6. ruger


    if you are refering to me i am the creater of this artwork. so i will leave the i did in ...ty
  7. ruger


    your welcome...but just so ya know the browns will wim next
  8. ruger

    In Memory Of...

  9. ruger

    Looking for Mark Martin old #6

    TY Joe Dirt....and thanx for helping that Native American with his fireworks
  10. ruger

    Looking for Mark Martin old #6

    nobody? thanx for looking. Still need though......
  11. Need Mark Martin's old #6 the one that kinda looks like tribal...thanx
  12. ruger

    solftball skull help

    grabbed it very nice work
  13. can anyone helr me i need a troll doll front or maybe one standing backward with the naked butt? thanx to all who read and post