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  1. eveytime we go to cut somthing the memory on the cutter has to be redone is this because the compuyer freezes and if so way does the the software we are using do this and the pcut also, we are going thru alot of tint and vinyl i do hope someone can help with this
  2. Grapicviper

    Help trying to cut tint?

    Thank you i have tint tek and someone from uscutter on the phone working with my tech guy now
  3. Grapicviper

    Help trying to cut tint?

    Do you know what i can then? Tint Tek support said that they cant read the cutter (pcut 48 ) and there is nothing they can do until thay can, We are paying for this service and cant get it can someone help PLEASE
  4. Grapicviper

    Help trying to cut tint?

    pcut 48"
  5. Grapicviper

    Help trying to cut tint?

    first time on forum, trying to find out how come my cutter not working with tint tek software its cutting teplates about 1'2 " on each side to short. did the support thing with tint tek didnt help they said driver must be wrong? Anyone with ideas? Thanks i have noticed people are really helpful on this site