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  1. sixpin664

    Bat in my basement! Got it!

    I probably kind of dumb since I really didn't even think about the rabies thing. On one night, I woke up to a bat flying around my bedroom but I was so tired, I said screw it and went back to sleep. Thirty minutes later, the little bugger was flapping his wings into my head so I grabbed him with my hand and threw him out the window. It makes me wonder what would have happened if he had bitten me.
  2. sixpin664

    Bat in my basement! Got it!

    We had a bat problem in our house for 2 weeks after a bad thunderstorm. I caught a few and let them go. Unfortunately, a couple wouldn't let me catch them so I had whack into the wall which killed one and injured another. I got a really cool picture of one of them that I caught, although it's a bit grainy because it came from the cell phone.
  3. sixpin664

    Rear window on TITAN

    Well done. I know someone that has a tattoo similar to that.
  4. sixpin664

    Graphic Collections

    I'm new to the whole vinyl cutting scene. I just bought my cutter about a month ago and finally had time to get it up and running last week. I would like to make this into a small side business for myself. I've been search the web and ebay for products and supplies I will need. My question is: Are those graphic collections that are available on the web worth the money? I see some with as many as 60,000 images for $50 while I see some with only a couple hundred images for $200+. If they are worth it, is there any collections that people can suggest for me? Thanks!
  5. sixpin664

    Couple of things I did when Bored, lol

    LOL This lawnmower is awesome! Good job.
  6. sixpin664

    Hey everybody - coming out of hiding!!

    Welcome! I'm about as new as you are and I'm sure will be asking some crazy questions as well.
  7. sixpin664

    The Fonz...

    Haha. Sweet. Here in Milwaukee we have a bronze statue of the Fonz.
  8. sixpin664

    Have been busy sigh..

    That looks awesome! Good job.
  9. I just ordered a 24" PCUT after doing over a month of research using these forums and other sites. Now that I have ordered it, I was going to order the application tape and vinyl. I notice that there are 3 types of application tape. Which one is best suited if I plan to begin with only car, window, and laptop decals? As far as vinyl, I believe I have read that Avery brand vinyl is highly regarded in that category. Does the vinyl that sell on compare? This is my first cutter so I am a total noob. Although I have have reading these forums for well over a month, I know I will still need some help so if you have any advice for me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks! -Kevin
  10. sixpin664

    Hello from Wisconsin

    I have to admit that so far I am finding this forum my most educational source so far. I'm not used to finding forums that are actually useful. I have learned so much already and I am researching buying my first cutter.
  11. sixpin664

    Hello from Wisconsin

    I'm entirely new to the vinyl industry. I was helping my father apply some decals to his business vehicles and decided this is something I'm interested in learning more about. I've been reading the many posts on this forum for over a month now and decided it was time to sign up, introduce myself, and ask some questions. My first question: Are there any books, websites, or magazines out there that are a must read for the vinyl business? Before I go ahead and invest in the equipment and tools, I want to make sure I know that I know what I am doing and be sure that this is actually something I would like to do. Thanks!