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  1. Do you prefeed your vinyl first for the whole job.? If not, you should. Prefeeding puts pinch roller wheel tracks in the vinyl which makes tracking great. You may not see, it drifting slightly. You have a Titan, but that is the instructions on a Graphtec, It has an auto prefeed just for that reason.
  2. Phone templates, where to find

    From what I have seen, too many people already selling the crap out of those. And all kinds of covers. Cheap. Unless you have some wild design that no one has out there. But whatever works for you.. I try to stay away from what others do.
  3. Phone templates, where to find

    Most people make their own and don't give them away. Take pictures of them and vector. That's what most people do. So how many do you get for $50?
  4. Phone templates, where to find

    search the forum. .eps should work fine.
  5. New guy 1st post

    Had a friend leave a 24"x 50 yd roll in her vehicle for 8 hours, in the summer. it cooked it. You could feel the difference, it made it much softer, and the adhesive sticky. You could feel the heat in it. I use it for testing new designs, and see if the design looks good, not to sell.

  7. Titan 28 inch cutter

    I have read this 4 times and still don't understand what your trying to say.. The max this cutter will cut is 24" wide. You do not state which cutting software either, Try and rephrase your question or show photos, or drawings.
  8. Wet application with 1310G transfer rite?

    Yes, it is true. use paper tape for wet application.

    Well, you working with all the Graphtecs is nice, but a stepper motor will never cut as sharp and clean as a Graphtec. A Titan servo will get you closer. Some can get some nice cuts, with a lot of fine tuning, but still night and day stepper vs servo. And you would know the great fine details that a Graphtec can cut over even a Roland. But on another note, buy the best that you can afford.

    Hard to say, but you will find out with a lot of items like vinyl cutters, new people think these are some kind of plug and play items that should run perfect right out of the box without any fine tuning. They see other people running one and think it is "super" easy. The value cutters will need fine tuning, This is considered a skilled job. People don't want to take time to learn their machine or even read a user manual, then complain it doesn't work right. It will be easier after experience. This is not a job that you learn in a day. We see new people taking orders before they even learn their machine which is nuts. Then they are on here so overwhelmed, they are ready to throw the cutter out the window. I took a month to learn my machine and experiment before I started taking orders. We still learn new stuf and tips all the time on here. What did the review say?
  11. vectorize logo question

    Problem is, there is just too many infringers. Just like Ebay, get a couple down a day, a 100 more go up. The owners have to report them to Ebay. I got hit on one before. I had not even heard of it, I didn't know it was a brand.. I read when Ebay pulls the ads now for copyrights,trademarks they are charging the sellers for the ads. They didn't use to, you can also get suspended, if you continue, or more complaints.
  12. Contact Vinyl Master support. It is a rebranded software from Vinyl Master.
  13. Titan 28" Not Cutting Properly

    I have posted setting blade depth hundreds of times on here. It is also in contributions. on the forum lists. No need to run fast. Force is set up by the blade depth.
  14. Will the SC2 work with

    I use Flexistarter 8.6 for cutting which is bare bones software.. And have Flexidesigner 10..(got a legal version for cheap) for designs. I put my money on the cutter (Graphtec), and less on the cutting software. Works great.!!
  15. Titan 28" Not Cutting Properly

    Make 2 passes, even 3 if you need to. Put the force back.
  16. vectorize logo question

    You have to ask permission. You cannot recreate any ones design without permission PERIOD. Actually Homeland Security, has showed up at many flea markets, convenience stores, tables at sports games etc. It is considered counterfeiting now. Go look online. These companies are fed up with the theft of their logos. People making money off their name. They will search online sites, They have lawyers on the payroll, that is all they do. It's against the law to speed also, but people do and they get caught, given enough time. Go do searches online, You will see busts and a lot of them. A few on here got caught at flea markets. And they will tell you it's not worth it!!!
  17. Will the SC2 work with

    SC2 just came out recently. We don't even know what it is, brand wise. And Flexi 8.1 is for XP and older Windows. You could try, but you don't have any support for it. You get cutting software with every vinyl cutter to start you out. You could design in Flexi and export to new cutting software.
  18. vectorize logo question

    Don't do either, and you don't have to worry about it. Create your own stuff, or buy designs that you have a license to use. If you see all those logo cds and stuff on Ebay. You can't use them without the "real" owners permission. Think about it, if you did not create it, it is not yours to use, without permission. If you already see it out there. It's not yours to use.
  19. Newb questions about my new SC2

    why export DXF? .eps is the most widely used format. and will work in most any cutting software.
  20. Newb questions about my new SC2

    No I mean lower the pen in the blade holder...Will it not go any lower? No one has ever said the pen hit the vinyl cutter while working. Your force is on your vinyl cutter. Read your user manual, on what the features do on the control panel. of your vinyl cutter. Add some overcut in Vinyl Master for those gaps. Make sure offset is 0 in Vinyl Master for the pen.
  21. Problem cutting with CorelDraw 2017

    I started with Flexi also, and think it is very user friendly.. The manual is in the HELP section above the layout screen. (it is in all of my software). I have always cut with Flexistarter, but I was able to pick up a legal Flexidesigner10 for cheap a few years ago. It is the same as Flexisignpro10, just no cutter drivers. It is design only. I love it.
  22. Over Size Please Reset

    just call, it is the weekend, , you don't want to be down all weekend....They are on Pacific time. look on the website for the phone number
  23. Newb questions about my new SC2

    Offset for a pen is 0 Zero. So which cutting software are you using? Corel is not cutting is design software. You got either Sure Cuts A Lot or Vinyl Master as cutting software..Import your design into one of those cutting softwares or design something in the cutting software, then send to cut. After you set up your vinyl cutter in the cutting software. . Lower the pen so that it doesn't hit. It's not going to dig thru the paper. Back the force off.
  24. Over Size Please Reset

    Use the pen tool and paper, Have you called USCUTTER tech support yet?