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    Contour cutting with SCALP4/Titan 3

    Instructions and such are on the website under SUPPORT This is pretty much a user to user forum. Look for your info. PC and Mac should not make a difference as far as setup. Settings are in the software and vinyl cutter.
  2. Your using the the wrong cutter model for your set up. In Graphtec pro Studio That cutter is not a 20" CElite 50 Those cutters ARE only 20" Why aren't you using FC8600-75 like you should be? Thank you but I will have a Coca Cola. I don't think your too clear.....ClearG
  3. According to what you posted that cutter is 30" ...Graphtecs will not cut beyond the pinch rollers. There are magnets there. If you want to cut past the rollers go into background settings and turn the pinch rollers and media sensor off. I turned mine off on day 1. I can cut edge to edge of the vinyl. You don't state which software you are using, but the Graphtec driver should have your software at 29.6 inches width, you are saying that model is a 30" cutter. FC8600-75 is 30" cutter


    where did you buy the vinyl cutter?


    which cutting software are you using? The Windows 8 driver IS on UKcutter.. for the MH series Where did you purchase your vinyl cutter?
  6. contact UScutter then. Or maybe others can help. You have not shown your settings or anything in your cutting software. Try a different cutting software. I hope that your switching in your cutting software for the cutter that your using. And using the correct driver. The SC is a Liyu
  7. Have you looked at the blade good? Make sure tip is there? cleaned the holder add a drop of light oil? Tried a different blade holder?
  8. can you show how far the blade is sticking out of the blade holder? You should just barely see the tip or feel it. You only cut with the very tip of the blade.
  9. show some test samples from the test feature. Pictures please
  10. what do the TEST cuts look like. From the TEST cut feature on the vinyl cutter?

    Hooked up SC and cannot cut or find port

    I am not Darcshadow , but You go into your device manager on the computer. Look under your com ports It shows which com port # is being used, If you can't tell unplug it, then plug it back in. Your SC is a Liyu. You must match your Flexi set up com port number with the com port number in your computer device manager. Also with the value cutters, it is best to only plug the cutter into the computer when the computer is turned off. or it may assign a new com port number. Or the best thing is to leave the cutter plugged in all the time as a dedicated computer. I have always used Flexi software. Hope you get to feeling better

    roller marks

    My guess is that they posted in the wrong category, OP is using 24" wide rolls. Table cutters are 15"

    One word cuts incorrectly

    Yep, that will do it. Your welcome.

    US Cutter SC2 34" - Is it worth it?

    The static problems still apply to the SC2. These value cutters are not grounded like the higher end cutters. The vinyl static has to go somewhere. So you have to ground the cutter to the stand if you have one. Or if no stand, try this. I work out of my home also, I started with a Seiki 36" cutter and after 14 months went right up to a new Graphtec FC7000MK2-75 (30") in 2008, Been running the Graphtec without any problems for 11 years. Also, learn your cutter and software very well before you go taking any orders. Get some scrap vinyl and make some decals for your friends, family. It is night and day between a Cricut and a larger vinyl cutter. And it is night and day between an SC2 and a Graphtec or other Pro cutter.

    US Cutter SC2 34" - Is it worth it?

    Which cutter did you own? Random cuts could be static, coming from the vinyl. These cutters have to be grounded. The static can happen on any value cutter. Which is why you run a humidifier, Spray static guard on the vinyl and cutter. Wipe down the vinyl and cutter with dryer sheets. You can tell most likely if it is static by taking out the blade out and put the pen in.and run on paper. If the design runs fine most likely static.

    US Cutter SC2 34" - Is it worth it?

    Choosing any vinyl cutter, depends on what your needs are, whether it is worth it. Here is the UScutter buying guide.

    One word cuts incorrectly

    Make sure the pinch rollers are equal distance from the vinyl edge. Yes, never be pulling from the roll while cutting.

    One word cuts incorrectly

    UScutter has a buying guide to help you decide which cutter is best for your needs.

    One word cuts incorrectly

    MH not even close. Bottom of the barrel. We tell buyers not to buy it. Anything higher would have been better

    One word cuts incorrectly

    There are too many wrong ways out there to set blade depth. This is the correct way. To start with, you should set your blade depth correctly, by taking the blade holder out of the machine, and firmly cut across a piece of scrap vinyl, you will be cutting. You should only be cutting the vinyl and barely a mark on wax paper backing, Adjust blade to get there, Then put the blade holder back in machine, and use the force of the machine to get there, same results, only cutting the vinyl and barely a mark in wax paper backing. You should just barely see and feel the blade tip out of the blade holder.

    One word cuts incorrectly

    Do you have enough vinyl loose to do the entire order, so that you are not pulling from the vinyl roll while cutting? You must have. What have you done to set this cutter up? Blade depth, force, blade offset and speed? It doesn't cut correctly right out of the box. It needs fine tuned. Every vinyl cutter does.
  22. That seems pretty high on overcut. Mine is 0.1 inch
  23. "Blade Depth and force, I think are fine. I've read a lot of your posts about blade depth. Making the adjustments you have suggested in other posts have stopped the dovetails other times for me. I have the blade set to cut the vinyl and it barely leaves marks in the backing paper." Unless you set the blade depth like I stated, you will have problems. You can have the blade way too far out, and still cut only the vinyl, and barely cut the wax paper backing. Follow the instructions. We are trying to help you. It is blade offset that has to do with dovetails. You need less blade more force. You should just barely see the blade tip out of the blade holder. You only cut with the very tip of the blade.

    cutter issues

    Can't you run Bootcamp or similar on that Mac?