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  1. MH721 & Mac Pro

    At least step up to a SC2 vinyl cutter. The older MH series cutters were better than these that are being sold in todays market. It is a bottom of the barrel cutter with known static, and memory problems. The ads for UScutter on their website and EBay and Amazon, clearly say they are not compatible with a Mac. There is no work around for something that is not compatible. You will not have any support from UScutter trying to run this on a Mac. They are warning you up front. Buy a cutter that is compatible with a Mac. SC2 and higher. The older MH were compatible.. . From ads USCutter 28" MH Series Vinyl Cutter w/VinylMaster Cut (Design & Cut) Software PLEASE NOTE: (1) THIS OFFER IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH APPLE/MAC COMPUTERS
  2. Well, most people read the ads that the Refine MH series are not compatible with a Mac and don't buy it. Or some never read the warning and they have tried it with a Mac and had all kinds of problems and we tell them to put it on a windows computer. Adobe is design software, not cutting software. You would still need a cutting software.
  3. Graphtec fc7000 -75 not responding I don't know anything about them. You can do the same type of searches.. Check the Graphtec service manual for part numbers. Can be searched online. Check your own board for part numbers, I have seen some FC7000-75 cutters going cheap on Ebay. working, and sold for parts only.. I have seen Graphtec FC parts for sale on Ebay., but haven't looked for awhile.
  4. flexy did not find my redsail modal

    Flexi support
  5. Shipping layerd decals

    Something else that I use, if shipping between cardboard is to put them in poly mailers to keep the decals dry. Prices are not too bad if buying, or if you have an Ebay store you can get them FREE. And ship First Class.!46962!US!-1
  6. Shipping layerd decals

    I never put that on boxes. I always figured it was an invitation to do it ...LOL.
  7. Shipping layerd decals

    The western states/ plus Alaska, and Hawaii are my most expensive zone from Indiana and shipping a package of 2 pounds to California in a 24" x 6" x 6" box with FREE priority insurance is only $9.69 printed from Paypal. Your paying too much. 2 pounds and even under a little, for me would be a set of (2) decals 20" W x 100" L with transfer tape. and a squeegee.
  8. Shipping layerd decals

    Yes, you would save a lot on shipping that way.
  9. Shipping layerd decals

    I could still ship that size First Class. in a 24" x 6" x 6" Uline box for around $4.16 for 15 oz And most of the time they still get there the same time a Priority box would. I have shipped many to California on Friday/Saturday and they will be there Monday. And no extra price for the zones using First Class. Even more expensive items at $40. plus, with insurance is still cheaper than Priority in most cases. I check both ways to see which is cheaper. Box would be about $1.10 I buy on sale.
  10. Shipping layerd decals

    I use Uline boxes, as well as the FREE boxes I get from Ebay for having a store. That size would be First Class for me..Depends on price you sold for.. But anything under $20 I don't add insurance. So just postal price around $4.16 or less First Class. I figure my shipping costs into my decal prices and advertise as FREE shipping.
  11. Graphtec CE6000 vs Roland GS-24

    I have had my Graphtec FC7000-75 (30") cutter, bought new since 2008. Never a problem. Plus bought 2 CE5000-60 for my kids. It is not metric.. Graphtecs are not just metric. I use Flexistarter software for cutting. Many people still use the old FREE Signblazer software. You will see pretty soon that this forum's old timers use Graphtecs. They are great for detailed designs. Highly recommended over the Rolands for detailed designs. I cut very large graphics even up to 16 ft and the tracking is great, I have never used a Roland or their software. I started with Flexi products back in 2006 and still use them.
  12. You might want to look into a Tripp lite Keyspan Adapter and don't look back. The USB chip sets on value cutters are cheap Chinese, not a True USB like the higher end cutters. Tripp Lite Keyspan Adapter has helped many people on here. Find the best price.
  13. Roland pnc 1210 how old?

    The user manual is pretty easy to find and is copyrighted 1995
  14. Unless you know that your laser pointer will track perfect, then I would avoid weed lines in very detailed designs.. My weed lines are an exacto knife. Doesn't that software have a SPEED WEED? Like this?
  15. MH Refine 721 Help

    Most other vinyl cutters are Mac compatible.. But this one is a bottom of the barrel vinyl cutter and not Mac compatible. The value cutters have a cheap USB chip set. They are not TRUE USB, While some people have no problems using the USB cable that came with the cutter. others have nothing but trouble and we highly suggest that you purchase a Tripplite Keyspan Adapter. Shown here. Purchase best price.
  16. Training & Webinars

    Have you tried going to HELP at the top of the layout screen, ? Look thru the tutorials. Go to youtube and look at the videos that people have posted. There is plenty of info out there.. There is plenty of info also here on the forum, You have to take some time and search.
  17. You sent a ticket to who? Contact Craftedge. "If you have problems activating automatically, you must use this web site and generate an Activation Code. The Name and Serial information is obtained from your purchase confirmation e-mail. The Site Code is obtained by running the program and choosing "Activate.." and checking the "Activate Manually" option." Try this
  18. Does this Vinyl Exist?

    Your welcome. you have to search for glitter adhesive sign vinyl there is more out there,
  19. Does this Vinyl Exist?

  20. Gerber Oddesey Vinyl cutter

    That's a pretty old cutter, make sure you see it cutting first before you buy it. Which cutting software are you using with it?
  21. One side

    Maybe you have gouges in the cutting strip. You don't state how old the cutter is or how long you have been using it.
  22. You should be able to use a laptop, You could purchase a Tripplite Keyspan adapter and (just guessing) a null modem cable to run from Tripplite Keyspan Adapter to the vinyl cutter. This is a Tripplite, and it must be this brand, others won't work with a vinyl cutter. Find the best price.
  23. no image cut

    So have you ever cut any design or is the problem just this design? Post up your file for someone to look at as long as it is not a copyright.
  24. Put the vinyl even spaced under the pinch rollers, Same distance from each edge. Left pinch roller looks further on the vinyl than the right pinch roller. Can't that cutter cut past the right pinch roller? Can't those phones record horizontal? I don't understand why people take vertical clips on phones,, when it barely shows things. My 2c.
  25. how big is that vinyl? Why are you using so many pinch rollers? Get that middle pinch roller out of there. Put 1 pinch roller on each side of the vinyl. Our Graphtecs only have 2 pinch rollers and they cut fine with that, My cutter is 30" and only 2 pinch rollers.