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    FC8000-160 plot and cut are not aligned

    You have to calibrate your cutting software. Which means example. When you send a cut of 12" x 12" square. It really cuts a 12" x 12" square.. I don't know anything about the Gerber software that you are referring to. I don't know anyone that uses it.

    FC8000-160 plot and cut are not aligned

    Did you calibrate the cutter to the software? I use Flexi software, It is in Resolution in my software. I use Graphtecs also.

    Package not delivered

    I had missing roll of tape from Fedex shipment once. I had bought from the same seller many times. I knew how he shipped things. I could tell that the Fedex label had been removed and the package repackaged. With tape over the Fedex label. Could have only been done by Fedex. There was no way that the tape could even fit in the Fedex package, I received. The weight of the box and the label didn't even match anymore. Way off. I sent the pictures to my seller and he took care of it. Check the weight of the package against the shipping label weight. They should be close.

    FC8000-160 plot and cut are not aligned

    There is a 2nd pen tool that you purchase that is attached to the carriage head for cutting patterns, but I don't know anything about it, or know of anyone that has it on here other than OP. I don't know if this is what he has or just trying to match it on his own someway. I watched a video of it on you tube once. Quite interesting, The pen sits over in a position on the cutter frame and it goes and picks it up, then draws the pattern, then puts the pen back and then perf cuts/or plain cuts it.. This is the FC8600, but the FC8000 had it also. I used to see on the ads, you could add the apparel version for extra money. Or add the tint version for extra money. Think you have other problems besides not lining up. The paper is ripped, not cut. I would say that paper would dull the blade pretty fast, and you would need sharp blades quite often. You would also need to have the paper pulled from the roll and free to do the amount of order. Never be pulling from the roll while drawing or cutting.
  5. I have a 30" and only 2 pinch rollers on it. I don't have problems, just make sure the pinch rollers are equal distance from the edge.
  6. Most any vinyl cutter will leave grit marks on vinyl/tint. But when you remove the backing and apply the viny/tint the marks are gone. Are the marks staying after you apply the tint? Many, many users cut tint with an FC cutter.

    Vinyl cutter-any idea what type this one is

    What does the plate on it say? There should be a model number on it. Show the plate.

    Titan 3 will not cut

    There is one person who comes to mind that checks all 3 boxes. He is kustom signz 719 on youtube. He did a review of the Titan 3 on here. You remember him, his profile pic flashed gang sign. You asked him to remove it. His name is James and he also did tattoos. He is now He is not too active on Fbook, but he might answer a Text. Call or text 719.725.4450 James for your vinyl . Number was posted 27 weeks ago.
  9. If I can ship First Class, I do. I have First Class stated on my ads, if that would be the size and weight. I still have many decals that are larger, but with the weight, they would still be First Class. But my real niche' is very large decals. 20-27" w x 90" - 16 ft. L There is only a couple designs that I have would be 3 pounds. Most are 2 pounds. But when you get up to size of 24" L, even if it only weighs 13 ounces you are forced to pay for Priority Mail because of the sizes of the package. It could be a lower length than that. I know 18"L x 6"W x 6"H wide 16 oz and lower, is still First Class, but my next up size is 24" x 6" x 6". Is Priority. Also this year, USPS, made First Class cost by zones. It used to be the same price for every state you mailed to. Priority mail is always by zones that you ship to.
  10. That is what I thought also. That they could cut 24" but no longer would the cutter cut 24" .

    Titan 3 will not cut

    Download the driver again. It should show up.
  12. I ship almost everyday. The way it is right now there is no faster shipping, Priority and First Class are horrible. Priority is taking up to 21 days sometimes. Michigan area is horrible coming thru Detroit. I dread getting sales to Michigan, but you can't pick who buys from you. Just had a big delay of 13 days down around Baton Rouge, going to a smaller town in LA. Indy to St Louis 10 days. Priority mail. The packages just sit and say IN TRANSIT, I have Priority packages every week taking 10-12 days. There are big bottle necks in these big towns. I do offer Free shipping, but my business is decals. Mostly larger, where I can just figure in the shipping costs into the product price and still have good profits. Shipping is so bad right now that that Ebay posted a notice that they will go back to July 1st and remove anything to do with shipping delays on your account up to Aug 31st. on your feedback. I wouldn't charge extra for something that may or may not get there in a reasonable about of time. I use Poly bags quite often, they don't rip, Heck you have to cut them to open them. I do get mine Free from Ebay as I have a store. but before that I used to purchase them. There are big dealers on Ebay that sell them.

    Titan 3 will not cut

    Did you download and install the USB driver? Not too many Mac people on here. Is this a new cutter? Has it ever cut?

    Help! I can not find a fix for this problem

    That cutter is pretty much like the MH cutter that is sold, here. Which is on the bottom of the cutter line. I have nothing more to add. Until you get the machine test cut to cut correctly, you will continue to have problems. Your welcome.

    Help! I can not find a fix for this problem

    a light oil You still have never stated which vinyl cutter this is. Also cut slow until you learn the cutter. Contact tech support. Is it new, or used?

    Help! I can not find a fix for this problem

    I did not say anything about adjusting the force. I said "make sure you set your blade depth correctly". It is less blade, more force. You should just barely be able to see the blade tip out of the blade holder. Sign vinyl is only about 2-3 mil.thick. You only cut with the very tip of the blade. Also make sure there is nothing in the blade holder. Try a drop of light oil to make sure blade spins freely If you were to gently push the blade holder down on the vinyl and get down and look between the vinyl and the blade holder, you should just barely be able to see daylight between them.

    Help! I can not find a fix for this problem

    There are blade depth instructions out there, that are just wrong. 1/2 credit card thickness, post it notes are wrong. Anything to do with a credit card is wrong.Way too much blade exposed. This is correct way to set your blade depth. To start with, you should set your blade depth correctly, by taking the blade holder out of the machine, and in your hand, firmly cut across a piece of scrap vinyl, you will be cutting. You should only be cutting the vinyl and barely a mark on wax paper backing, Adjust blade to get there, Then put the blade holder back in machine, and use the force of the machine to get there, same results, only cutting the vinyl and barely a mark in wax paper backing. You should just barely see and feel your blade tip out of the blade holder. The blade depth has to be set correctly first, before you adjust the blade offset. Start at 0.25mm then adjust at .05 plus or minus to make it look better. There are many pictures on this forum of how it should look. And which way to adjust blade offset. You do not state which vinyl cutter you are using, A Roland blade would be at 0.25mm A Graphtec blade is ZERO.
  18. No, I do not have one. I am just on here about daily for 12 years. Seen all kinds of vinyl cutters. What are you trying to cut vinyl edge to vinyl edge?
  19. Is your carriage head belt loose. Or did it slip someway on the belt. I don't know how it is connected.
  20. why would you need to move it further to the right.? Don't you have a reset button on the right side that it may hit? Can't you get the full width of the vinyl in the cutting throat? If your right pinch roller is in it's correct position, then you would want your pinch roller about 1-1.5 inches from the right edge of the vinyl.


    Do you know what the file formats for vector images are? They are .eps .ai, .cdr .svg and others. .eps is the most commonly used for design/cutting software.


    There are FREE heart vectors many places on the internet. Google is your friend. Search Heart vector FREE

    which printer?

    I think if you read thru the printer category, you will find your answers. This has been asked and answered many, many times.

    Test Cuts are off

    You may need a new cutting strip. If the cuts are good away from those lines. Sure sounds like it. You were using a Mac, and I thought Sure Cuts A Lot. I don't know anything about either one.