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    Vinyl Spooler

    Go to support IN your computer. That is what it is for. It has a search, and answers questions. We don't know what your doing or using, Each system is different.

    Vinyl Spooler

    Search on Google how to copy files from your operating system. I would try 10 or so at a time, . You should be able to do a search for every Vinyl master file on your computer. Copy them,

    Vinyl Spooler

    Of course. You should be able to copy them to a flash drive. external hard drive. If you have another computer, SATA to SATA transfer I also throw new designs in my email drafts, so I can get from any computer.
  4. Do you have an ACTIVATION code? I believe I heard that the Activation codes are sent with your cutter. I was sent a link direct to their server at their Cloud, with a very long number and alphabet code to open it. The process for my Graphtec Pro was totally different. Mine came from here.
  5. I know mine came from a Cloud. What do Cloud files say? You can contact SAI. Where did you get this? Did UScutter send it to you? Both of the SAI Production 12 have READ ME files.
  6. It's got a READ Me file. Looks like AUTO run . It's been a year since mine and I was sent a download link from Graphtec with a code. I had to send my serial number to Graphtec. Your welcome
  7. I am set up for inches on my Flexi 11.811 x 11.811 is 300mm x 300mm I don't know too many people on here, that use metric for cutting anything in the US. US buyers understand inches, feet.
  8. It worked just fine in GraphtecProStudio. Just like it did in my Flexi software.
  9. They are not designed anything alike. Graphtec Prostudio is an fs file. not a gs file. Graphtec Pro Studio is from Flexi SAI. The same as my Flexidesigner 10.5 My Flexidesigner is Flexisign Pro with out the cutter drivers. I don't have time right now. am leaving for Post office. But I will fire that computer up after I get back. Or someone else with it can beat me to it.
  10. I don't know if you run Boot Camp on your Mac or similar, but another member does and they put Graphtec Pro Studio on their Mac.
  11. Is it supposed to be this? This is on Flexidesigner 10.5 several years old. This is what I use for my design software. I have the Graphtec Pro Studio loaded on another computer. but that computer is loaded up for my FC8000 and put away. But I stay with what I have been using for years. I still only cut with the FC7000 until my son decides to buy it.
  12. I have no idea. I only cut regular sign vinyl. And 2 pinch rollers even on a 30" cutter work perfect. Tracking is perfect. FC cutters have different pinch roller adjustments that can be locked down. I cut sign vinyl, my pinch rollers are not locked down all the way. You can see that in the user manual.
  13. Out of the box is a holder for the CBO9U blade. regular vinyl cutting. The FC8000 that I got, they had been cutting reflective vinyl. So it had the red cap blade holder in it for that blade. You will have to go to the Graphtec site or Ebay and get a holder for that blade by the blade number. The last owner of the FC8000 even installed 2 extra pinch rollers on it. It has 4 now. It is a 30" cutter. They come standard with 2 pinch rollers.
  14. I have the FC7000-MK2-75 that I bought new 2008. Never a problem. Last year, on Ebay I picked up a FC8000-75 for $1000 free ship. They had the cross cutter locked on it. It took me 10 minutes to fix it. I had to look at my 7000 carriage head to see the problem, easy fix. They are both beasts.
  15. I use Flexi software and have no problem with imported dfx files. The Windows Graphtec Pro Studio is rebranded Flexisign Pro. (Over $1000 software) Which comes FREE with a Graphtec FC8600 Still to your advantage to get a cheap windows laptop to cut with. I have picked up several for back ups. for $100 or less with FREE shipping. They may be a bit more, to pick up a 17" Windows 7 now and throw Windows 10 on it. I have done that also, For $200 free shipping. It is stated you can get 3 licenses for that.