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    Using SG-300 to cut Vinyl Transfer Stickers

    You should be able to also go to the Roland site and read the user manual for this cutter. As well as the user manual for the cutting software. Most volunteers here own UScutter vinyl cutters or Graphtec cutters. Roland has a forum,

    Using SG-300 to cut Vinyl Transfer Stickers

    Any vinyl cutter will cut calendered vinyl. Most is 2.5-3 mil. Cast is 2 mil. Sign vinyl is pretty thin. What are you cutting? You can also go to any vinyl supplier and see the thickness of any vinyl. All specs are out there to do your home work.

    Using SG-300 to cut Vinyl Transfer Stickers

    Roland has a website for their cutters. Go look up the specs for what each will cut.

    New here! Need help finding Jeep Wrangler JL templates

    There is also I didn't search for specified vehicle, but it may be there. Another
  5. I would say you already wasted over $60 worth of time, I read above that you really needed to get this order out. You could have been up and rolling yesterday. Invest in a solid, updated software/with support, and don't look back. Vinyl Master will get you going for $60. Buy from the site.
  6. Creation Pcut has many options on my version of Signblazer. Choose one that works for your cutter. your size of cutter.
  7. Are you looking at Creation? That is the Brand. There is a better Signblazer out also that doesn't have the nag screen or patch. SignBlazer Elements (Hybrid version 7.0.0 Can be found on the last post of this thread Slice and Dice
  8. Which Laser Pointer? There have been several out now. First was a Creation Pcut with a Laser. Then there was Liyu Laser Pointer . Both of those should be in Signblazer. Creation and Liyu. There is a Laser pointer 3 out now.
  9. I have no idea. Your welcome, Maybe contact Creation. Vinylmaster has a trial, not sure about the cutter being there. Maybe someone else can help. Kind of crappy not being able to connect serial. A Tripp-lite Keyspan Adapter could work for that. Have you tried a different new cable? Cutterpros has a set up for that cutter, but I cannot post it here. Sent you a private message.
  10. Creation has so many different value cutters, with different model numbers, the only way is to find how to connect it, is find user manual for it. We don't know how old that cutter is. That model was never sold at UScutter, and the model sold here had both USB and serial. Easycutstudio has a trial and your cutter is on it.
  11. Show some pictures of your problem. Show the entire front of the cutter, with the vinyl sitting in it. We can't tell what you are doing, to give you advise. Does the vinyl lay flat on a table etc? What type of vinyl? Sometimes people buy small rolls of vinyl and it is tightly rolled on a small roll or no roll at all. You would have to reroll the vinyl the opposite direction and hold for awhile to get it to lay flat.
  12. Signcut has a free trial. And possibly has your correct cutter.
  13. You can look this up online Windows 10 automatically scans your computer for pirated software, but that's a good thing. Piracy is a major issue for software manufacturers like Microsoft. ... Microsoft issued a new Terms of Use agreement on August 1, specifically pertaining to "Microsoft Services."Aug 21, 2015
  14. I would say your Flexi 10.5, is pirated software. Counterfeit. Only legal Flexi 105. has a USB Dongle, unless it would be a version of Flexistarter., sold with a value cutter. The USB dongle has the User ID and password for legal software. The FTDI drivers creates the COM port number in your computer. Then you must match the Com port number in your Flexi set up. 1-4 with the com port in your device manager. Use a different software. It has been known that Windows 10 can detect counterfeit software and disable it.
  15. Did your Flexi 10.5 come with a USB dongle, like shown below? Which version of Flexi 10.5? There are several different. Does the cutter power on and cut the TEST? Have you tried a different cutting software? Did you download and install the FTDI driver for Windows 10, and reboot your computer?