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    Best transfer tape using 651 on small decals

    Just because paper tape doesn't look professional, it doesn't mean that it is not the right choice for the job. . I have always used paper tape. Most professional people do.
  2. Never heard of Skycut vinyl cutter. Have never seen anyone here have one. Never heard of a vinyl cutter with Print and cut camera. Never heard of a vinyl cutter with wifi and USB flash disk.. Contact your Skycut tech support.
  3. Thanks, I rarely use that Windows 10 computer. I never had a problem with it. It's sitting in back up. My XP computers are very stable. Plus my Windows 7, I have never had problems with either. I was able to purchase a legal package of Flexidesigner 10 a few years back, for cheap. I use that on my Windows 7. I use Flexistarter 8.6 v2 for my cutting software on my Graphtecs. It's a very stable combination for me.
  4. I run my Graphtecs on old 2006 Toshiba laptop with Windows XP. I never have problems. The last couple I picked up were less than $100 with Free ship. I also picked up a couple Toshiba with Windows 7, not much more than $100. Keep checking online, plenty for sale. I have spare laptops all set up for my Graphtec, with all the designs loaded. Just in case a computer fails. I can just put another PC right and go again. You will learn , you need to keep spares of most things, if your going to run a serious business. I have never been down in 13 years. For this software, you need at least Windows 7, I think. I picked up a cheap 17" Toshiba windows 7 and installed Windows 10 on it that i got for cheap.
  5. Your post was about contour cutting, not perf cutting. I would not perf cut on the cutting strip. You will most likely damage it.
  6. With perf, it is a matter of setting up the force on 2 different conditions. 1 force deeper than the other. There is a thread on here a couple years old. Where a couple guys were talking about it and got it working. They were using the CE6000, put their cutters did not have the 2 different places for the blade holder and he ripped the crap out of his cutting strip doing it. "You have to make sure you have 2 cut layers (Cut and perf cut) then set the cut layer to your normal contour cut setting. Set the perf cut to the setting to perf cut (haven't mastered this yet) then when you send it, it will cut the contour cut line first then press OK to continue to cut the perf layer." From here
  7. If your just contour cutting, then the holder would be in the back, over the cutting strip, no different than just cutting vinyl. Your not cutting thru the vinyl contour cutting. My FC8000 blade holder is the same way. But I have never used the ARMS on it.. The channel on mine is probably wider, as my cutter has the cross cutting feature on it. Too bad your not running on Windows, Graphtec offers some really nice design and cutting software for FREE worth over $1000. Similar to Flexisignpro
  8. there is a big name vinyl cutting supply dealer that does the same thing. 14" Digital Electronic Cutting Machine Craft Vinyl Cutter - Die Cutting, Signs That is on a MH vinyl cutter ad. Just put the words die cut stickers into the Ebay search bar and see all the stuff that comes up. I must be doing it wrong.
  9. I put something like that out there, but figured a non helping answer might get me in trouble. so I changed it. LOL But I am glad you posted it.
  10. No mention of which cutting software.

    Vinyl Master Pro

    If your going to post a file. post it as an .eps. A lot of us don't use Vinyl Master. An .eps can be imported into most software.

    Screen Printing ?

    I already knew that.. A google reverse image search shows most all of the sites that the image is from. Copyright/trademark lawyers know all about google reverse image search also.

    Screen Printing ?

    You might be surprised that the people who come here and post up a design with a watermark on it from Shutterstock and want someone to vector it for them. The watermark is protecting the image. We have seen a lot of copyrighted images come thru here, that people want someone to vector for them.

    Screen Printing ?

    possible those watered marked are designs that they made. Maybe others are designs that they purchased and can resell. Or from the public domain library.