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    I don't use Inkscape, but there are many, many tutorials, youtube videos out there to help. And it seems they keep it updated.


    You will find out that a lot of so called "clipart" are jpegs. If you want to move along faster, look for vector files, in the format that your software can import. .eps. .ai ..svg


    You can download trial versions of each to try out the features. I have had them up on my computer for quite a while for when people ask questions. I have never tried to cut with them. I have Flexistarter to cut with and Flexidesigner10.5 for design and edit software.

    Creation Kingcut

    Creation King Cut is listed in Signblazer
  5. Very sorry for your loss. You should prefeed enough vinyl thru for the amount of the order. (That is how I also look for problems that may be in the vinyl.) Runs, mottle, pits, holes, bumps etc. Not sure if that cutter has an auto prefeed like a Graphtec. But always have enough vinyl slack behind the machine to do the whole order. Never be pulling from a roll while cutting. I make very large long graphics. So I need to look at the entire width and length of the vinyl. I don't want to cut 8 ft. and there be a damage of the vinyl in that 8 ft. The whole 8 ft would be wasted, it it was cut. I look over my vinyl pretty good while it is prefeeding. Mottle is from the manufacture, rolls too tightly wound.. It will look like silver streaks across the vinyl. Dark colors, it shows up more.


    According to the Vinyl Master comparison chart. The Clipart libraries are in the higher end versions of Vinyl Master. Chart below. Even the Vinyl Master Cut 4 that you get from UScutter, is not the same as the regular version Of Vinyl Master Cut 4. You are getting the UScutter version of Vinyl Master Cut 4 with a vinyl cutter.
  7. @TOPPER You don't state whether your using Windows or Mac. But you can get Graphtec Pro Studio free from Graphtec, for your vinyl cutter. It is for Windows. Just enter in your serial number in the request form. Much more advanced software. It is Graphtecs version. I got a good deal on an FC8000 a few months back and got the software. I had to choose FC8600 from the drop down list. The serial number is what really tells them what it is.
  8. That is between you and UScutter tech support. . Contact them. No one here can do that. This is a user to user forum pretty much. Maybe look on your confirmation emails from UScutter, if you bought from them.
  9. website has plenty of support tutorials for any vinyl cutter they sell. Look for your cutter and software.

    In need of some eyes in EPS please

    Google> eyes vector FREE. Thousands out there.
  11. Corel Draw is not cutting software. It is design software. You have to have a cutting software. Like Flexi, Cutting Master, Signblazer. Signcut. etc. Old Signblazer does have your vinyl cutter listed in it. And Command would have to be on HP-GL. And because Signblazer is so old, and has not been updated for years, you will have to save your files back to version 8 .eps files to import into Signblazer.
  12. Which cutting software? and have you tried a different cutting software? Do you have the COMMAND correctly set for the cutting software that you are using.? HP-GL, GP-GL.

    A little help please

    Yeah, you got it figured out. Good job.
  14. What computer operating system and what cutting software? Are you sure the USB driver installed correctly? You can connect it with a Tripp-Lite Keyspan Adapter. That is for computers with no serial connection. It plugs into the USB ports on your computer. That is the brand name. Example only