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  1. 4 minutes ago, collincv said:

    It's impossible to cut from 2 computers, I only have one cutter

    I am just telling you the rules.  Some people have more than 1 cutter.  I do.   I don't even use Vinyl Master.  I use Flexi products.  With Flexi you can download it to as many computers as your want to.  but it takes a USB dongle to make the software work.  The dongle has the user number and password in it. 

  2. You can only cut from 1 computer.  But you can design in others. Another forum member who uses it posted this

    "You can only have it activated/registered to cut on one computer at a time  (multiple copies can be loaded onto different machines for design work, but only one will be authorized to perform the cut function).

    That being said, you need to first De-Activate the VM on your old computer (this is done while connected to the internet).

    If you cannot access the older computer, then please contact VM support directly to allow them to deal with this."

  3. Forget using rulers.  My Graphtec doesn't even have rulers and it feeds straight.  What I do, is make sure the pinch rollers are the same distance, from the edge of the vinyl.  When I get real picky, I use a tape measure and measure like 1 1/4"  from each wheel to edge of vinyl.  I don't know how many pinch rollers your cutter has, but my  30" Graphtec only has 2 and feeds perfect.  My cutter has a prefeed option on it.  And I always prefeed the vinyl for long cuts.  It actually puts the roller marks in the vinyl, so that the cutter follows those marks when I cut my design.  Those pinch roller marks don't hurt a thing.  Always prefeed the entire length of the order and have the vinyl laying to the back of the machine, never pulling on the roll while cutting.  Make sure the vinyl roll is straight on the cutter and  behind the cutter.  I put my hand inside the roll and make sure it is tight under the pinch rollers,   You can see if the vinyl is even across.  If yours does not have a prefeed option then use the arrows of your machine to prefeed the vinyl back and forth. 

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  4. what is the file extension for Vinyl Master files?   You should be able to do a search of your computer, for all of the files extensions.  I don't use  VM.  but my files are in my documents, or downloads, different file extensions.    if you search .eps files   all files should show up etc.   Depending on how many files you have.  You can put them on  flash drive, external hard drive,  or transfer sata to sata.  I have done that before.   But regardless,  you should have already had all of these files backed up somewhere off of your computer.  To be able to access, if your computer crashes.  Even the fonts that you have downloaded.   If your going to run a business or even a hobby, you need to be backing your files up.  If I even do something new,  As well as saving elsewhere.  I also drop it into an email draft and I can access it from anywhere.     

  5. 7 minutes ago, ericmschwanke said:

    I thought Parallels, I also have a Surface pro I could set up a shared drive and drop the files in there to use a PC software.  Parallels would also work. I have a lot of experience in the program but just don't like the thought of dedicating my system partially to windows when I need a ton of space for my design/photography work on my Mac.

    Skeeter, which Graphtec would you suggest?

    How big of one do you need?   

  6. Makes more sense then.  Photoshop is a pixal program and can be traced.   You threw me off from the git go.  And you would be surprised at people who trace things 2 times.  Very few people use SCALP on here since Vinyl Master has been an option.  Too many glitches in it.  Did your computer do an update?  I would contact Craftege.  They are your tech support. 

  7. 8 hours ago, southernshoreso said:

    I too am having the same issue. I am printing simple words small signs. It has cut much larger words fine with no issues. But when i go to cut like 3 11x8 signs with words it gives me that error cutting one fine but won't cut the other 2??? There needs to be better support for this machine.

     You do not mention which cutting software that your using, so guessing...Giving enough info to work with, is very important. Otherwise we can only guess. Not all errors have to do with the vinyl cutter directly.  Many problems do exist from wrong settings in the cutting software. All settings have to be correct, as well as keeping the design inside of the sized layout, when you select your design to send to the vinyl cutter. Is your cutting mat in your cutting software sized big enough to fit all 3 designs into? 

    Try this below,  If using Vinyl Master software. 

     Go into the Vinyl Spooler, and from the "Settings" menu, ensure that "Force Position" is NOT selected.

    Also make sure that the vinyl is only about 1 inch from the far right side of the vinyl cutter. 

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  8. 2 hours ago, livinloudgraphics said:

    Why did the shipping go up an extra $2 and when did they start charging taxes on items??

    Because everything, including shipping has gone up everywhere.  $11.99  is still dirt cheap. Clear back in June 2018 I had orders and shipping was $11.99.   Guess you don't buy much.   Where can you ship up to 70 pounds for $11.99?   Most any place charges taxes anymore.  USA/Government has been passing laws for online buying.  I am VERY happy when I order  (6) 50 yard rolls and it only costs $11.99.  You should be expecting changes.  Shipping carriers raise prices every year. 

  9. 5 hours ago, shawnK69 said:

    It appears im just having a hard time learning curving this Servo motor. The Zencut used Tangential or whatever so i never even changed blade offset in 5 years.


    I did not mention anything about blade offset...  The blade depth has to be set correctly on EVERY vinyl cutter just like I posted above.  It does not matter whether it is a stepper cutter or a servo cutter. The Zencut  has a servo motor also.  The directions are the same.   The blade depth has to be correct for the vinyl thickness that you are cutting.  Even if you get a 15" Titan 3 or a Graphtec, you still have to set the blade depth correctly before you start cutting.    Blade offset is  a totally different  thing. 

    How did you set your blade depth in the blade holder, before you even started cutting? 

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  10. 24 minutes ago, shawnK69 said:

    I get good cuts on the pulling toward me cut but when pulling away cutting its cutting too deep. This was a refurb so maybe thats it.

    I originally bought a Titan 3 SE they sent me Titan 2 SE is what im playing with. Im now thinking just return this and buy a tabletop 15" Titan 3 New. My helmet vinyl is 12 inch wide.

    And i am searching for X axis for my Zencut to do my automotive and HTV vinyls. 

    I found one on Ebay for $700, haha its a complete ZenBlack 24". I offered him $400 being out of warranty with no parts available. He replied $650. Sheesh for $400 i can get a new something with 3 year warratny and parts available.

    The other option is just buy a Graphtec CE6000 60 and use it for all vinyl. Spendy though but i hear its also more Flexi friendly. 2 on Ebay for $1575 shipped.



    We know your story, and your many GUEST names.  So you finally signed up.  And what your describing makes no sense.  The cutter cannot cut any deeper than what you have the blade depth set at.  If you set the blade depth correctly.  It cannot cut any deeper. I have posted hundreds of times on here how to set the blade depth correctly.   I just posted it again today.   Post above. Sounds like too much blade exposed out of the blade holder. You should just barely see and feel the blade tip out of the blade holder. The correct combination is less blade, more force. the blade cuts vinyl with the very tip of the blade.  That is all that it needs. 

    Also check out the teflon cutting strip, make sure there are no scratches or gouges. 

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