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    How do I do this??

    I love my Graphtec
  2. After just reading the user manual for your machine, I do not see where it has the feature...Not all vinyl cutters do..

    What kind of transfer tape for RTA decals??

    conform AT-60 is good clear app tape,, I do use it for small decals,, but I ship them flat.. between cardboard,,,

    Window Landscape

    Highly recommend the Product and the seller Rapid Tac is already a mixed product and ready to use

    Hey Peeps!!

    READ...READ.. READ.. this forum,,,, plenty of advice and suggestions on here... and welcome from Indiana
  6. you can find your user manual here

    Advice to lay 14 ft.

    you might find something helpful in these applying videos,, there are some really good ones in here...

    What kind of transfer tape for RTA decals??

    I purchase mine right here,, except I purchase a 48" log and have mine slit in different lengths, they slit free. great seller and fast ship,,, they also have a website out of EBAY..
  9. Your again for the first part,,,,just open Flexi starter to the main screen,,,at top left is EDIT,,CLICK IT drop box opens,, clear at the very bottom is it . it will give you a different screen that says Preferences. the Tabs at the top read, GENERAL, FILE PATHS, FONT, TOOLS.... CLICK TOOLS,, go to different page, make sure the box is unchecked, for CONNECT TO LOCAL PRODUCTION MANAGER USING TCP/IP CLICK OK,, this all I know to help ya out on this....hope something works...

    What kind of transfer tape for RTA decals??

    In my business, all of my decals/graphics are shipped all over the world. I ship large car graphics (both sides) rolled loosely together as long as 12ft, I use Main Perfect tear paper tape..I do tape the ends of the transfer tape to the end of the graphic paper on both ends, roll with graphic on inside. ship in boxes 24" x 6x 6 from different boxes for different width of decals and stripes. Unroll and just fine. They have to go over with a squeegee lightly before apply.. No problems,,,
  11. I am using Flexi 8.5 .. enter some text on your layout screen like you are going to cut it,, click file.. click cut/plot ,,your production manager comes up then you have your CUT/PLOT layout screen... at the top leftof your CUT/PLOT layout screen,, under where it says what type of cutter you are connected to is .. PROPERTIES,,, click on it... another screen opens that says Default Job Properties there are 3 pictures,, if you run your mouse over them, they say, layout, workflow and cut,,,which looks like a cutter blade.. click on the CUT, the screen changes.. look for PACKET SIZE, make sure it is checked, and the box beside it,, whatever is there,erase and change to 1000 . below is Curve Quality ,,make sure it says Medium click APPLY and OK,,,
  12. here are 2 things you can do first go to EDIT on top ot Flexi screen,, down to preferences, click tools,,, if the box, Connect to local production manager TCP/IP is checked....uncheck it and hit OK,,, Second,,, open production manager like your going to cut something click Properties at the blade, where it says PACKET,,,make sure it is checked and just enter 1000 KB manually in the box to the right of it.. Also change curve quality below it to MEDIUM, click APPLY at the bottom AND OK. See if that changes anything.. I do not work with Mac,, but I have Flexistarter... and I run very big detailed jobs, and never a problem this way... I used to run out of memory..until I made these changes....

    Driver Installation Help


    Driver Installation Help

    a thought, did you try turning everything OFF, computer included,,, plug in the USB while computer is off , then turn your computer back on....not trying to be a smart butt, but I used to have to do that on a different cutter.

    SignBlazer Tutorial or Learning Guide

    thanks Round, I just removed them..
  16. when you get short sections of vinyl that you want to cut and it has been rolled up, try reverse rolling it, and let it set for a bit before putting in your cutter,, it will flatten out and not be so for me..

    Vector Software

    If you look around on their website they are offering free downloads of numerous images, try them first before you make a purchase..See if you like them...

    Ebay and copyrighted material

    Yes, there are alot of sellers doing that,,, it takes the copyright owner to report them to EBAY...then they will be taken down, and possibly the seller suspended, there is a VERO PROGRAM... Intellectual Property Rights Owner About Me pages. where they can be reported to owner at.. not all owners are there...but some...

    Asking for help (Vectorizing)

    the lettering looks real close to BAZOOKA font

    It was bound to happen!!!!!!!!!

    It's called BESTINE SOLVENT AND THINNER This is a non-staining solvent for thinning and removing all rubber cements. It's great for general clean-up, too. Actually I didn't know what it was either so I looked it up and am sharing...

    160 free vector

  22. Hello, I found this in the forum,,, maybe it will help you.. Welcome. It is simple and you only have to be careful about one or two things. 1. Amount of blade sticking out of the holder. --- You have only the smallest possible amount out. About the thickness of the vinyl. If you do like to play around then keep reducing the amount until it still cuts. The smaller the amount out of the holder the better the cut on small letters. And less blades used. 2. If you have two positions to insert the blade holder. The back position is for cutting vinyl. The front is for pens or cutting paper on a carrier sheet. yes you can cut paper if you use a carrier sheet. Hint How to make a carrier sheet. Save a large piece of backing paper. Spray it with contact adhesive. Let this dry. Now you can position ordinary white or color paper on your carrier sheet and cut the paper the same as you do with vinyl. Much reduced pressure as well. Which brings me to another tip SMART TIP. When adjusting pressure ALWAYS adjust from low to high NEVER the other way around. This saves blades and extends the life of your cutting strip indefinitely. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For Carrier sheets you can go to a craft store and buy the mats for the Cricut and they work great.

    Size of output

    your welcome, glad I got ya cutting regular size, instead of minature decals,

    Box Van Ambulance