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    Can Not Find Job Folder

    Signblazer. I use Google and it starts downloading in the left corner as soon as I click on it. And if you use .ai files, you will need to save them back to a version 8 .eps file. The software has not been upgraded for years. Owner passed away years back. I personally use a bare bones Flexistarter 8.6 with my Graphtec and never have problems.

    Can Not Find Job Folder

    The cutter is not too old. Your cutting software is. It is not for Windows 10 as I have already explained to you. Flexi 8.0 is for XP and older. That cutter can still be connected to the latest version of Vinyl Master, Or newer Flexi software. It would be on Flexistarter. Or probably Signcut. I know it is listed for Vinyl Master. I already looked it up. I have the FC7000-MK2-75 That FC7000 is also listed on FREE Signblazer/ which they are running on Windows 10

    Can Not Find Job Folder

    Does the Flexi 8 software have a USB dongle? Like USB flash drive? You do not need a Windows 10 computer to run a vinyl cutter. Possibly pick up an older XP and run the software, on what it should be ran on. I am still running on XP, no problems. Possibly buy newer software, or download and try Signblazer. That's all I got.

    Can Not Find Job Folder

    I would try doing a System Restore on your computer, back a week or so. Flexi 8 should be running on XP and older PC. I read in past posts you were running it on Windows 10, it could be a Windows 10 update causing a problem.

    Something a little stronger than Oracle 631 for wall decals?

    Many times it is just user error. Not cleaning the walls. Paint with teflon in it to stop to keep dirt sticking to it. People painting walls and not waiting long enough to cure before putting up decals. I see a lot of complaints on sellers using Wall decals, which is why I have never gotten into it. Too many reasons, to stop them from sticking. Maybe try the GreenStar indoor. From the color charts if appears to be General Formulations vinyl. I use the outdoor General Formulations without any problems. I used some Oracal 651 on a wall here. It came right off, heating it up with a hair dryer before peeling it off.
  6. Yep, that is what the thumbnail shows. I was able to look at the properties on it. It was too new of a file for my software. . It was done in Flexi Sign Pro Cloud.

    Decal Storage

    I cut the long side out of Oracal vinyl boxes 50 yd x 24" and 30". My vinyl pieces are rolled up and standing in these boxes with sizes written on them. You can see the colors very easy. I have the boxes just sitting on the floor side by side.
  8. I tried it with Flexidesigner 10, nothing there.
  9. Well that makes more sense. This is from SUPPORT on how to contour cut, with Vinyl Master.
  10. What is Mastercut software? Never heard of it.
  11. Yes, you can turn them off. It's in advanced settings. Disable the push roller sensor. I also disabled the media sensor, so that it did not measure the vinyl at start up.. I just place the carriage head where I want it and push ORIGIN. I just send my design after prefeed.
  12. You can turn the pinch rollers off. I turned mine off day 1, 11 years ago. FC Unit, and the CE5000, you could do the same. It will cut right up to the vinyl edge. Hit the ORIGIN button before you send cut. I have told CE6000 users before how to do it.
  13. As I stated before, put the pinch rollers about an inch in from the edge of the vinyl. The roller marks will not hurt the vinyl. I even use a tape measure sometimes, Measure side of roller out to the vinyl edge. Why does the vinyl look so rippled up in front and not laying flat?
  14. possibly show a picture of the vinyl loaded across the front of the machine. Like stand back and take a picture of the vinyl loaded, so we can see pinch rollers and all.
  15. Do you have enough vinyl slack to do the entire order? You should never be pulling from the roll while cutting. Are you prefeeding your vinyl for the order? Is there gouges/scratches in your cutting strip from having the blade too far exposed? Take the blade out of the holder and look at it. That 2nd C looks like tracking problem. Is that a weed box, you cut around it with the cutter? If so, it is not even the same width, left to right, top to bottom. Which is tracking.

    Cutting direction question

    On any vinyl cutter, you must push the Orgin button on the machine. . That is 0/0 and where the cutter starts measuring the design from. Most cutters start cutting, where the design was originally designed at. I Use a Graphtec, and Flexi software. I cut very large designs. My cutter may move several feet, before it starts cutting, but it comes back to finish the rest of the design at the front. Is there a reason that you choose Scalp software over Vinyl Master software? Scalp was created for hobby cutters like the Cricut. Vinyl Master was created for the sign industry business. Just throwing that out there.

    Cutting Issues

    What is shifted over? If your referring to the vinyl. Never be pulling from the vinyl roll while cutting. Make sure you have the blade depth set correctly by my instructions which is posted hundreds of times on this forum. Run the cutter slow until you learn it. Always prefeed the vinyl back and forth, and leave the vinyl slack behind the machine, enough to do the order. Make sure the pinch rollers are an equal distance from the vinyl edge. The pinch roller marks will not hurt the vinyl. You purchased a bottom of the barrel cutter, which we tell buyers not to buy, many known problems with it. An SC2 would have been a much better vinyl cutter.
  18. Also you must remember not to cut more than you can weed at 1 time right away. Vinyl will self heal it's self and be very hard to weed later.
  19. Hard to say, but you can rescale it back in Vinyl Master. My guess different resolutions between the programs.

    Convert SBD files to EPS

    I think Dakota meant to write .eps files. They will work in many different softwares.
  21. Yes, the blade depth is the first thing you have to get correct, when you set up a vinyl cutter, it makes a huge difference when too much blade is exposed out of the holder. The combination is less blade , more force. The rest of the settings come after that. Then if you try a thicker or older vinyl, you step the force up a number or 2 not change the blade depth. Even when I go to Avery Chrome from Oracal 651. (it is a polyester vinyl.) I only change the force up. . You should not have to change your blade depth until the blade is totally dull. Just step up the force a little and get more use out of it.
  22. So what changes have you done since yesterday? Show your work since the changes. Also try it on a different condition. You can change any condition to your settings. Have you ever tried it on a Windows computer? Plenty of trial software for that. Just type a bunch of text and repeat it several copies.
  23. Like Wildgoose states. Set the blade like I have posted hundreds of times on here. You should just barely see the blade tip out of the blade holder. Graphtec also told me, back the blade into the blade holder, Push the blade holder down to the cutting strip, turn the blade out just til you see daylight. Get down eye level with it. That is all it takes to cut vinyl. You only cut with the very tip of the blade. I stated in posts above, that it looks like your cutting with the side of the blade. You only cut with the very tip of the blade. 2mm is too much when vinyl is only 2.5 mil. Set your blade depth like this. To start with, you should set your blade depth correctly, by taking the blade holder out of the machine, and firmly cut across a piece of scrap vinyl, you will be cutting. You should only be cutting the vinyl and barely a mark on wax paper backing, Adjust blade to get there, Then put the blade holder back in machine, and use the force of the machine to get there, same results, only cutting the vinyl and barely a mark in wax paper backing. You should barely see and feel the blade tip out of the blade holder.
  24. I cut large decals, 20-27" w x up to 16 ft Length Cutting about every day. Several orders. I use Seiki blades and I get about 9 months average out of them.