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    transfer tape size

    thanks so much

    transfer tape size

    I have had this from the git go,, and also a 30", this is all I use,, I can apply tape to any length, just keep on rolling.... my primary business is vehicle graphics, so I am making 20" -28" wide to mostly 8'-12' lengths, couldn't work without it. No mounting to the table taking up space. Very sturdy, have had it for over 3 years, I use it every day. Just like new. I use 24" transfer tape more than anything. All by myself. Very ez to use. And I do everything on an 8' resin table with no problems below is also an order that that I'm applying tape to right now... and it is 20" wide x 7'L just finished it... this has a left and a right side to it... going to Colorado

    transfer tape size

    I use 6" 12" 15" 18" 24" 30" most in paper 12" 18" 24" clear

    New Sign (Layers)

    I'm right there with you American, I had no clue either, I saw them also
  5. a search of the forum would be the best bet, I have seen quite a few listed, especially firetrucks, just click home and enter the names in the search
  6. have you tried just shutting all down and rebooting your computer and starting over?

    orical 851 stick on plywood?

    here is a list and supplier for 851,, there are others if you just enter Oracal 851 into a search engine, like

    I can't get this to work!!!

    Did you purchase the Flexistarter 8.5 as new software? I have Flexistarter 8.5 what Model is your Pcut?, I see numerous Pcuts listed, in setup. which is yours? I love using Flexi great software.

    NOOOO. Not the truck!

    cool did a great job ;)


    It would really help if you would actually display a picture of the words "Super Duty" that is from the truck so that people could see what the font actually looks like could you find a picture somewhere like maybe... EBAY , car dealer, web page online, etc?
  11. you call or fax for the sample.... number up above, is listed for sale at >transfertapes> Powertac application tapes
  12. Just thought i would pass this along for those people who are having trouble with clear tape ,, I haven't tried it yet, just got the email thought I would send the info along. Is for wet or dry. This is my regular vinyl supplier , fast shipper and honest. website listed under transfer tape Earl Mich Company Newest Product EMC PowerTac Clear is the newest addition to our PowerTac product line. EMC PowerTac Clear is a see-through film that allows precise registration. It is static free for ease of transfer and its surface accepts pen and pencil for marking lines and notes. EMC PowerTac Clear leaves no adhesive residue and will lay and stay flat. EMC PowerTac Clear has a medium tack adhesion level. Size Introductory Price 6" X 100 Yards $12.50 12" X 100 Yards $24.50 15" X 100 Yards $31.00 24" X 100 Yards $50.00 30" X 100 Yards $62.00 36" X 100 Yards $74.00 48" X 100 Yards $99.00 Promotional pricing good through September 15th, 2009. EMC PowerTac Application Tape has all the benefits of the competitive tapes at a substantially lower price! Also available in Premium or Standard and Medium or High Tac -Lays and stays flat for easy transfer and storage. -No curling edges. -Eco-friendly adhesive system. -Superior liner adhesion-even slick silicone release liners. -Pulls apart easily even if accidentally stuck to itself. -Tears easily with no legging. -Works well with wet applications. -All 30" and 48" rolls can be slit (4 cuts) at no charge! Sizes and Pricing Standard Grade Premium Grade Sizes Medium or High Tac Medium or High Tac 12" x 100 $22.50 $28.80 15" x 100 $28.00 $36.00 24" x 100 $45.00 $57.50 30" x 100 $56.00 $72.00 48" x 100 $89.00 $115.00 FREE local delivery or UPS shipping (zones 2, 3, or 4) on 2 or more 48" rolls! Promotional pricing good through September 15th, 2009. Call us at 800-642-4872 or fax 877-329-6424 to place an order or to get samples of this or any of our other great products. Visit to see our other specials.

    We all love Walmart

    LOL that is a hoot. thanks for sharing, I'm just glad I didn't see a picture of me in there!!! LOL ;D
  14. yes, very good. I have been with Earl since the git go of my business in 2006,,, NEVER a problem... and I can always count on my product being there next business day.


    I live in Indiana and purchase mine from located in Ill,, not far from chicago, I get next day delivery. great prices, great packageing, great service.
  16. I just called in and requested a sample, as it says you can.. so I will report back after using it. I already have 6 different sizes of clear choice,, , so won't be making a large purchase of it just yet, if it is good anyway.
  17. I have a Compaq. I just click Control panel. then click the icon for system> then it shows all your info, like brand of Computer, Ram , operating system, processor, etc.
  18. have you tried this USB to serial driver that is in the support section of copam,, from up above

    need help

    what type of disc are you trying to load?
  20. so which computer did you install the cutter on.. the Vista? Also is the Vista 32bit or 64bit? You never stated that.

    Cursive Font

    hmmm no picture there
  22. I think you might want to read some of the threads on 64 bit VISTA on HOME PAGE do a search for 64 bit Vista, several threads there with problems on 64 bit VISTA that could be your problem with Sign Blazer and Sign Cut... Do you have an older computer to try it on?

    write port error?

    ok got it on the Flexi, but, I really can't respond to the part about SB.. I don't use it, or own a US Cutter, So I just don't know that answer. must be a long time.

    Graphtec ce5000-60 cutting

    maybe you should post your design to look at. Maybe not cleaned up good enough,,

    Graphtec ce5000-60 cutting

    if you go into your Graphtec Cutting plotter controller,,, in the upper left hand square( at least on mine) there is a little bar that says LIST EDIT. IF YOU CLICK ON IT, it tells you what pressures and speeds goes with each type of material and also what blades to use.