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    Strange anomaly recently

    So is the file double in SCALP? Before you send the file to the cutter? If so, contact Craftege. Craftedge has their own forum of SCALP users. Maybe someone there has your problem. I can't think of any regular forum user here that even uses SCALP anymore. Too many glitches with it.

    Strange anomaly recently

    Makes more sense then. Photoshop is a pixal program and can be traced. You threw me off from the git go. And you would be surprised at people who trace things 2 times. Very few people use SCALP on here since Vinyl Master has been an option. Too many glitches in it. Did your computer do an update? I would contact Craftege. They are your tech support.

    Strange anomaly recently

    How are you creating files in AI? are you drawing them? How?

    Strange anomaly recently

    Why are you creating the design 2 times? I am assuming AI is Adobe Illustrator? You posted AI... If you are creating in Adobe Illustrator, the file is already a vector and does not need traced. What am I missing here?
  5. If you really want to get into the cutter computer, you can. and see if you can fix the problem. That is at your choice. No one can guide you thru that. Here is the service manual. Look at pages 7-8 to 7-12 (09-9370).pdf
  6. Contact Graphtec tech support. They would know if there is parts. Graphtec carries the parts. This is a user to user forum.


    Here are the shipping rules on website
  8. You do not mention which cutting software that your using, so guessing...Giving enough info to work with, is very important. Otherwise we can only guess. Not all errors have to do with the vinyl cutter directly. Many problems do exist from wrong settings in the cutting software. All settings have to be correct, as well as keeping the design inside of the sized layout, when you select your design to send to the vinyl cutter. Is your cutting mat in your cutting software sized big enough to fit all 3 designs into? Try this below, If using Vinyl Master software. Go into the Vinyl Spooler, and from the "Settings" menu, ensure that "Force Position" is NOT selected. Also make sure that the vinyl is only about 1 inch from the far right side of the vinyl cutter.


    Because everything, including shipping has gone up everywhere. $11.99 is still dirt cheap. Clear back in June 2018 I had orders and shipping was $11.99. Guess you don't buy much. Where can you ship up to 70 pounds for $11.99? Most any place charges taxes anymore. USA/Government has been passing laws for online buying. I am VERY happy when I order (6) 50 yard rolls and it only costs $11.99. You should be expecting changes. Shipping carriers raise prices every year.
  10. I did not mention anything about blade offset... The blade depth has to be set correctly on EVERY vinyl cutter just like I posted above. It does not matter whether it is a stepper cutter or a servo cutter. The Zencut has a servo motor also. The directions are the same. The blade depth has to be correct for the vinyl thickness that you are cutting. Even if you get a 15" Titan 3 or a Graphtec, you still have to set the blade depth correctly before you start cutting. Blade offset is a totally different thing. How did you set your blade depth in the blade holder, before you even started cutting?
  11. We know your story, and your many GUEST names. So you finally signed up. And what your describing makes no sense. The cutter cannot cut any deeper than what you have the blade depth set at. If you set the blade depth correctly. It cannot cut any deeper. I have posted hundreds of times on here how to set the blade depth correctly. I just posted it again today. Post above. Sounds like too much blade exposed out of the blade holder. You should just barely see and feel the blade tip out of the blade holder. The correct combination is less blade, more force. the blade cuts vinyl with the very tip of the blade. That is all that it needs. Also check out the teflon cutting strip, make sure there are no scratches or gouges.
  12. Here is one like your using in 60 degree. Clean Cut blades have been highly recommended on this forum. I don't know of anyone who cuts phototex on here.
  13. How did you set your blade depth? You have to start with the correct blade depth first. This is how? Calibrate? As far as I know calibrate makes sure the sizes are correct. Example that 2" x 2" is really cutting 2" x 2" . Or calibrate blade offset or laser offset. Has nothing to do with blade depth. To start with, you should set your blade depth correctly, by taking the blade holder out of the machine, and firmly cut across a piece of scrap vinyl, you will be cutting. You should only be cutting the vinyl and barely a mark on wax paper backing, Adjust blade to get there, Then put the blade holder back in machine, and use the force of the machine to get there, same results, only cutting the vinyl and barely a mark in wax paper backing. You should just barely see and feel the blade tip out of the blade holder.
  14. It already is HP-GL The only other is GP-GL which is Graphtec language. That is not a Graphtec. HP-GL is Hewlett Packard Graphics Language. HP-GL, short for Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language and often written as HPGL, is a printer control language created by Hewlett-Packard (HP). HP-GL was the primary printer control language used by HP plotters.

    Noob Questions

    You still may need a Tripp-lite Keyspan Adapter in the future. Time will tell. Those value cutters do not have TRUE USB, like higher end cutters. Large designs with a lot of nodes, may cause you problems. Or running a lot of copies at 1 time. The Keyspan Adapter controls the data sent to your vinyl cutter, so as not to overload it.

    Noob Questions

    How did you set your blade offset, if you didn't do a test cut? Your test cut shows how square the the square is in the TEST cut feature. The test cut feature guides you thru setting blade offset.

    Noob Questions

    I would get some good vinyl. Oracal 651 etc. and set your blade to that. Greenstar, more like practice vinyl. You have a TEST feature on your vinyl cutter, use it when you change vinyls. You can see how it cuts with each vinyl. I would back off the force a tad for the Heat press vinyl right now, until you get better vinyl.

    50 yard Vinyl Rack

    Might be a long wait for an answer, the OP has not been on here for over a year.
  19. Here is the buying guide for USCutter vinyl cutters that they sell.
  20. Personally, I stay away from little decals. The money is in big decals. But you have to have a good cutter to do them. I can make 1 decal that takes me less time and more money than what your doing to do with that 100 piece order. But I only sell online.
  21. Figure out how long it takes you to cut and weed and process 1. Figure out your costs. Now make a profit. I don't go by any ones' prices. I figure out a profit for me. I don't care what others charge. And many charge less than me. I get and keep good business by my designs and service.
  22. Why don't you just sign up for the forum and stop being a Guest of so many different names?
  23. You replied under that you changed a motherboard on a CE6000-60. Did you change a motherboard? Or are you just getting this error? This error is for the pinch rollers are not aligned over the grit rollers correctly. They must be. I turned my pinch rollers off as well as the media sensor on day 1. In background settings.
  24. Yes, they had blizzard conditions, even Las Vegas had snow and high winds. Crazy weather everywhere.

    Silhouette studio - two color text

    There are many videos out there that cannot be posted here for Silhouette Studio. Go search how to layer designs in Silhouette Studio. Plenty of tutorials/videos come up.