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  1. Very easy to fix that. Go into your cutter menu. Mine is in background settings on my FC. Go to: Initial Blade Control Position> Put it on the> OUTSIDE> Enter. That will put the "J" on the outside of the design.
  2. Copyright Go to the official website of the United States Copyright Office to use its online "Public Catalog Search" for works copyrighted after 1978. ... Check the results for the phrase you want. ... Search again using the "Keyword" search if the exact phrase you are looking for doesn't appear in the results.
  3. The line is pretty much. if you didn't create it. It doesn't belong to you. If it is already out there, it is copyrighted. It belongs to someone else. Ask permission from the owner. You can do an online search in the trademark library and see what belongs to someone. You can search online and see if it is out there. Purchase a license from reliable vector stores. There are many online. You can use anything in the Public domain library. They are expired. Google Reverse image search is great for checking designs and who they belong to.

    Which RTape is this?

    It's pretty much whether you use high tack or medium tack paper tape.

    Newbie and clueless

    If Z-axis chip. Take the cover off the carriage head. Put a 9 volt battery to the wires. See if it reacts. You can check that in search box upper right hand corner. . 9 volt battery test.
  6. Go back to your original post, instead of posting to a thread from 2009.

    Please Help Mh871-mk2

    That could be static from the vinyl. You will know if you put the pen tool in and it finishes the job every time. Make sure your cutter is grounded, cutter to stand. Rub your cutter with dryer sheets. Spray Static Guard type products in the room. Run a humidifier. . MH cutters are very prone to static problems.

    Please Help Mh871-mk2

    Your vinyl has to be several inches past the design, or your rollers cannot hold onto the vinyl. Just put the vinyl barely past the cutting strip, push the ORIGIN button. I tape another piece of vinyl to the end, so the rollers still have room on the vinyl. Tape another piece of vinyl, tape under the vinyl. Just an extension, so the rollers are still on the vinyl.

    Please Help Mh871-mk2

    So tell us what your doing.. We don't know what your doing, or where your placing the carriage head. We don't know whether your pushing the ORIGIN button before sending the cut. What are you doing before sending the cut?

    Please Help Mh871-mk2

    When you send a design are you pushing the ORIGIN button first? Try that. That is where the design starts measuring from. Put the blade in the lower right hand corner of the vinyl. Vinyl only a few inches from right side of cutter. If that is not what your referring to then, Calibrate your cutter. No mention of which cutting software you are using, but Calibrate cutter should be in your cutting software.
  11. First off. If you already see it out there. it is copyrighted. It does not have to be registered, only created. F-150 IS a trademark that belongs to Ford. . CBR1000 IS a trademark. What other meaning does it have? Nothing. What other meaning does F-150 have? It is a Ford model. FORD sued Ferrari over using F-150. You cannot just change the font and say it belongs to you. You can check on each Company website and it tells you about trademarks. Right from the FORD site. Look under Terms and Conditions. Trademark Notice The Ford name, and all trademarks and logos displayed on this Site are owned or used under license by Ford. These trademarks include, but are not limited to, product brand names (e.g., Ford, Lincoln, Motorcraft®), vehicle model names (e.g., Mustang, Taurus, Explorer, F-150, Focus), slogans (e.g.,Built Ford Tough), and logos and emblems. The unauthorized use of any trademark displayed on this Site is strictly prohibited.
  12. First off lose the word "printer" An MH cutter cuts vinyl. So it is called a vinyl cutter. It does NOT print. Value cutter like the MH are very prone to static problems from the vinyl. The static has to go somewhere or it will fry the Zchip. Then you cannot cut. Run a ground wire from the cutter to your stand. Scratch off a little paint and put a screw and ground wire cutter to stand.

    Newbie and clueless

    Make sure the wheels on the carriage head are firmly down in the rail. Sometimes they come during shipping. How did you set the blade depth? The blade depth determines your force.. This is correct way to set your blade depth. To start with, you should set your blade depth correctly, by taking the blade holder out of the machine, and firmly cut across a piece of scrap vinyl, you will be cutting. You should only be cutting the vinyl and barely a mark on wax paper backing, Adjust blade to get there, Then put the blade holder back in machine, and use the force of the machine to get there, same results, only cutting the vinyl and barely a mark in wax paper backing. You should just barely see and feel your blade tip out of the blade holder. Carriage off track Sometimes during shipping the carriage can get popped the track it moves on. A myriad of cut issues can occur if the carriage is not solidly connected. You can tell a carriage if off track as you will see the back wheels off the groove they fit into, the carriage might feel loose or wiggly, the carriage might look like it is tilted in one direction, or a loud noise is coming from the machine when powered on. Pushing the wheels back into their groove is usually all it takes to resolve this issue.

    Connecting new cutter

    You shouldn't have a problem with USB on the Titan vinyl cutters.

    Design Space in Cricut

    Most people here are using full size vinyl cutters, I don't know of anyone here using a Cricut or Design Space.