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    New to vinyl. Just got a fc 7000 75

    You have to use Graphtec software to use GP-GL mode. Cutting Master software. Have you been able to download the Graphtec Cutting Controller (windows only)? You can run the cross cutter right from your computer with the Cutting Controller. The cutter does not need to be on GP-GL to run the cross cutter. Will run on HP-GL and run the cross cutter from the Graphtec Cutting controller. I don't understand what you mean by unsupported. There is a user manual. It's pretty detailed. I think the things that are different between the FC7000 and FC7000MK2 is the media basket and the firmware. I bought my cutter right before the FC8000 were introduced, so it had been out a while.

    28" Specialist cutter

    Do test cuts, with the TEST feature of the cutter, and make sure the vinyl is cutting good. If your running fast speed, run the cutter slow.

    28" Specialist cutter

    I have never even heard of that cutter brand, had to look it up. It compares to a cutter here (MH) that we tell buyers not to buy. You don't state what brand of vinyl you are using. Vinyl can be different thickness. Also make sure the wheels of the carriage head are firmly down in the track. They can come out during shipping. Make sure the blade holder is tight in the carriage head.

    28" Specialist cutter

    You have to start by correctly setting the blade depth and the force from the git go. This is how. To start with, you should set your blade depth correctly, by taking the blade holder out of the machine, and firmly cut across a piece of scrap vinyl, you will be cutting. You should only be cutting the vinyl and barely a mark on wax paper backing, Adjust blade to get there, Then put the blade holder back in machine, and use the force of the machine to get there, same results, only cutting the vinyl and barely a mark in wax paper backing. You should just barely see and feel the blade tip out of the blade holder.

    28" Specialist cutter

    How did you set your blade depth?
  6. You will not see the name of the cutter beside the com port#. Unplug it and see which one unplugs. It should be a Com #. Look in your computer device manager. Did you download the driver and extract it and run it? You must. Did you try a different USB cable? We always advise to put the value cutters on a Tripp-lite Keyspan Adapter, that is the brand name. Better connection. The value cutters have a cheap Chinese chip set in it. Not TRUE USB like higher end cutters.
  7. Here is all of the info for your cutter. Including trouble shooting. Here is your support for SCALP 3
  8. We do not know which version of Laserpointer you have. The first Laserpointer was a CreationPcut with a laser on it. 2nd was a Laserpointer 2 which was made by Liyu. The laser is for manual contour cutting. After you print your design with registration marks, you jog the carriage head to each printed registration mark and record in your cutting software. You would need a printer that prints on vinyl for that. Drivers and instructions can be found at the website under SUPPORT. Fuse> You hope if the cutter gets an electrical charge, that the fuse would blow and not hurt the vinyl cutter.
  9. Here is a video from Vinyl Master
  10. Then it should have the vector program in it. Contact UScutter tech support or Vinyl Master tech support.
  11. Where did you buy your version of Vinyl Master Cut? If directly from Vinyl Master website, then it does not have the vector program in it for Vinyl Master Cut. Only the UScutter version of Vinyl Master Cut has the vector program.

    Buyer beware

    Are you sure it doesn't have a paper strip to peel off? Every review that I am reading on UScutter, says MH strip does not have tape or glue to hold it down. Can't send it to you, if they don't have it. Waiting a year is way past contacting time , unreasonable from you to expect.

    What is contour cutting?

    An ARMS cutter is a contour cutter. Arms cutter has auto registration mark system. Like Graphtec, Roland, Summa, It reads the printed registrations marks with a laser automatically. A cutter like the Sc model has a laser attached to it and you have to jog the carriage head, laser around to each printed registration mark and manually record it in your cutting software. They both contour cut,

    Lynx PII60

    Graphtecs do. On my computers XP and 7. I didn't put them there. They all installed there. Not sure if the Lynx Pii-60 is like the Lynx S-60 I did find a user manual for the Lynx S-60 on a competitor website. But no user manual for the Pii60

    Need Help.Flexi Sign And Redsail

    Sorry, but no one is going to help you with pirated/counterfeit software. Maybe try free to help you with your designs. Then save as an .eps file and import into Signblazer.