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    Vinylmaster pro

    Yeah, cold weather and electronics don't mix. I would never put my cutter in an unheated garage or room. Condensation will get into the electronics. Your asking for trouble, if you don't get it out of the cold garage. Going thru your old posts, never once did you mention, you had the cutter in a cold garage. No wonder you had all those problems.!! Your cutter should be in a room about 70 degrees. . So should your vinyl and tape. etc.

    Vinylmaster pro

    Your welcome. So what seemed to be the problem with the Titan? I have never heard about static issues with the Titans. They seem to be built much better than the value cutters for the static to discharge and not cause static problems. Never have static problems with a Graphtec either. You might be able to sell the Keyspan to a value cutter buyer.

    Vinylmaster pro

    I have read before that they have a discount, if you already have purchased a version. Found this To obtain the upgrade discount, you must provide your exisiting license information (PSN).


    I added this to the post I wrote. You cannot even get this complementary software with the now, newer Graphtec CE6000 PLUS series vinyl cutters. From request form (CE6000 (not plus version) It was only allowed for the CE6000 and other larger series vinyl cutters. Now you have to purchase the Graphtec Pro Studio Plus,( if you want it.)
  5. Yes the CE2000-60 is VERY old. I could not find a copyright date for the CE2000 user manual,, but the CE3000 user manual has a copyright date of CE3000-UM-151 February 27, 2003 1st edition-01
  6. My Graphtec has the 25 pin also for RS232C and USB, and my cutter is 10 years old. The FC8000-75 also has 25 pin and USB.
  7. I still run on XP, since 2006, a lot of people do. Very stable. with my Graphtec and Flexi software. Your welcome.
  8. I don't know, but the value cutters have to have a null modem cable, between the Keyspan and the vinyl cutter. It is different from a straight thru serial cable.
  9. Signblazer will run on Windows 10. Many have done it. I don't use Signblazer. Maybe someone else will come along. My. Graphtec cutter is much newer with USB. Try trials of other software. Vinyl Master, Signcut and see if you can get a connection.
  10. If using Windows 7, click the Start button and select Control Panel. Find Device Manager in the list and click to open it. With the driver installed and the adapter plugged into the computer, there should be a Ports options listed in Device Manager. Click the arrow next to Ports to see the COM number. Now that you know what port to select you’re ready to add your setup into the software.
  11. Does your device manager show a com port number for the Keyspan Adapter? ? If so match it in Signblazer.
  12. ok, different looking. Are you sure the driver is installed and you rebooted your computer after installing it? Nothing more I can do.
  13. That sure doesn't look like a Tripp-lite Keyspan Adapter to me. Tripp-lite is the brand name. What brand is that? Where did you get it?
  14. The Keyspan Adapter does not have screws to tighten to your vinyl cutter, Rs232, How is it connected to your vinyl cutter? You need a cable from the serial end of the Keyspan Adapter to the vinyl cutter connection.
  15. Have you changed the COMMAND yet? The COMMAND is HP-GL if your using Signblazer.