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  1. Those value cutters have a cheap Chinese chip set. They are not TRUE USB. Always best to run on a serial cable or a Tripp Lite Keyspan Adapter That is the brand name. Try a different software and see if it works. Call Tech support tomorrow.
  2. Vinylmaster LTR

    Maybe this will help,
  3. SC2 Drivers

    That is what the Keyspan Adapter is for also, it controls the data sent, so that it is not all going at 1 time.
  4. SC2 Drivers

    Value cutters have cheap Chinese USB chip sets. They are not TRUE USB. Best to run serial cable or put it on a Tripp-Lite Keyspan Adapter, that is the brand name. Example find the best price
  5. SC2 Drivers

    I don't use Scalp or have a SC cutter. Look at the cutter menu in Scalp....Is Liyu or SC there?
  6. SC2 Drivers

    It's not, follow the instructions When setting up the SC series vinyl cutters it is recommended to be plugged into the computer via USB.To add the SC Series cutter into the VinylMaster software, first click open VinylMaster and select File. Then select Cut/Plot and then Vinyl Spooler. On the Vinyl Spooler window, click the Connection tab. There will be an option to add the cutter by clicking the ADD button. Select your model cutter from the list and click Install. Once the cutter has been installed, select the correct Port Type under Connection Method. For the SC series cutter you would set the port type to Direct COM port. After setting the port, you would click on the Auto-Detect (Direct COM) button and follow the prompts on the screen to have the cutter recognized by the computer and software.
  7. SC2 Drivers

    Isn''t that running on the regular SC drivers? I just downloaded and extracted the drivers from here.
  8. MH721 & Mac Pro

    At least step up to a SC2 vinyl cutter. The older MH series cutters were better than these that are being sold in todays market. It is a bottom of the barrel cutter with known static, and memory problems. The ads for UScutter on their website and EBay and Amazon, clearly say they are not compatible with a Mac. There is no work around for something that is not compatible. You will not have any support from UScutter trying to run this on a Mac. They are warning you up front. Buy a cutter that is compatible with a Mac. SC2 and higher. The older MH were compatible.. . From ads USCutter 28" MH Series Vinyl Cutter w/VinylMaster Cut (Design & Cut) Software PLEASE NOTE: (1) THIS OFFER IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH APPLE/MAC COMPUTERS
  9. Well, most people read the ads that the Refine MH series are not compatible with a Mac and don't buy it. Or some never read the warning and they have tried it with a Mac and had all kinds of problems and we tell them to put it on a windows computer. Adobe is design software, not cutting software. You would still need a cutting software.
  10. Graphtec fc7000 -75 not responding I don't know anything about them. You can do the same type of searches.. Check the Graphtec service manual for part numbers. Can be searched online. Check your own board for part numbers, I have seen some FC7000-75 cutters going cheap on Ebay. working, and sold for parts only.. I have seen Graphtec FC parts for sale on Ebay., but haven't looked for awhile.
  11. flexy did not find my redsail modal

    Flexi support
  12. Shipping layerd decals

    Something else that I use, if shipping between cardboard is to put them in poly mailers to keep the decals dry. Prices are not too bad if buying, or if you have an Ebay store you can get them FREE. And ship First Class.!46962!US!-1
  13. Shipping layerd decals

    I never put that on boxes. I always figured it was an invitation to do it ...LOL.
  14. Shipping layerd decals

    The western states/ plus Alaska, and Hawaii are my most expensive zone from Indiana and shipping a package of 2 pounds to California in a 24" x 6" x 6" box with FREE priority insurance is only $9.69 printed from Paypal. Your paying too much. 2 pounds and even under a little, for me would be a set of (2) decals 20" W x 100" L with transfer tape. and a squeegee.
  15. Shipping layerd decals

    Yes, you would save a lot on shipping that way.