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  1. First big project

    If using USB, put the cutter on a Tripp Lite Keyspan Adapter, that is the brand name... I used to use one..Seiki vinyl cutter. . This is what I am referring to. Find the best price. Is that a new cutter or a used one? New Seiki cutters usually come bundled with the Flexistarter software.. Yep,, on Seiki website they still do come bundled with the Flexistarter software. ...
  2. First big project

    maybe post what operating system and which vinyl cutter info, would help.
  3. Adding a setup - No devices detected

    Where did you get the Flexisignpro 10.5 from. ? And does it have a USB dongle, like a flash drive you have to put in the USB port?
  4. All cutters have a memory limit... You didn't state how long or how detailed the designs are that you are trying to cut. Try less and see if it works out for you.
  5. Best bet,, stay away from the MH series.. At least go the SC and now they have the SC2. Or better yet. jump up to a servo motor,, and don't look back. Your welcome.
  6. time to upgrade to a better cutter. My 2c.
  7. Your welcome. If you stop in more often, you can learn more new stuff everyday on this great forum. I am always learning new stuff on here.
  8. save the image that is posted.. Import the image into Google reverse image search... If that image is posted on the internet, it is copyrighted. Anything that is already produced is copyrighted if you did not create it originally...It was obviously done by some one other than you...The design does not have to be a registered copyright, All it has to be is created by someone other than YOU. Some things that can be used are items in public domain. If in doubt, don't use them. you could get nailed for them. If you didn't create the design, it does not belong to you, and you will have to see who the owner is and get permission from them, to see if you can use their design. There are vector companies selling vectors, that you are buying a license to 'USE" their vectors, but you do not own the vectors and cannot resell their designs./vectors. This cat picture above is from an Adult paint by numbers being sold right now... Save the image and import it into google reverse image search and you will see that. I was telling him it was copyrighted before someone posted a vector file for that image, which is against UScutter forum rules...
  9. So is the cutter grounded to the stand if you have one? Have you changed to a new cable? Does it do this if you use the pen? Always best to put those cutters on a Tripp Lite Keyspan Adapter, (That is the brand name) The MH cutters have a cheap Chinese chipset. If it works using the pen, then sounds like static, which these cutters have a big problem with. Wipe the vinyl and cutter with dryer sheets, Spray the area with Static Guard. If the design is too big, this cutter has very limited memory.
  10. Extra License

    call them and find out.. they are open. For Sales & Support: 1-425-481-3555 M-F 6:10am - 4:00pm PST
  11. So what happened that got you to this? Just out of the blue or what? Make sure the sensors can read the vinyl. Hopefully your not using sheet for roll. Try a factory reset, Hold down the up arrow while turning on the power. Graphtec tech number is posted above.
  12. Mostly Graphtec owners here. But most software has HELP at the top of the layout screen with the user manual and tutorials on subjects.
  13. Banner

    does it have to be exactly that design? There are many FREE banner ribbon vectors out there. Just search banner ribbon vectors free. Here is a sample
  14. Graphtec Question

    I would be looking hard at that price,, and with the software that Graphtec is giving right now, That is a powerful set up.
  15. SB often locks up when I hit "cut"

    The link works just fine. as soon as you click on the link the download starts in the lower left corner. Google Chrome. XP..I am up to (10 exe) now. . Works fine for Windows 7 also. . LOL!