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  1. Didn't you get the license code for Graphtec Pro Studio, so you could activate it? It is FlexisignPro without the RIP. Over a $1000 software. Better than any other Graphtec software.
  2. Are you going into the Cut Line Pattern and changing it? This guy is not even doing the contour cut. Just a perf cut. Start around 9:43. This guy is using an FC cutter, but it should still be the same , just a bigger cutter. Plus he is using laminate.
  3. Is the pinch rollers causing you any problems. Did you contact Graphtec to get that plastic piece? They changed the style of grit rollers and they are not feeding the same as the older Graphtecs. There is a plastic piece you have to contact Graphtec to get. scroll down this thread. Dakota noticed this. Even though he got the plastic piece, he was not satisfied how it cut, and sent his back and got a FC9000.
  4. You are perf cutting over the channel, correct? Also pinch rollers snug?
  5. Reading other forums.. I think maybe it's the fact that you have those decals side by side without any gap between them. This is a guy perf cutting "I print them with a contour cut and a perf cut, but I leave about 1/4" between the perf cuts in each direction. I also do a rectangle contour cut around the entire field of stickers. I do my contour cuts first (including the big rectangle around all the stickers), then the cut pauses and I peel off the matrix (the unused material between the stickers). This does two things -- first it allows me to use much less pressure for my perf cuts (since the blade only has to cut the backer, and not the vinyl also), and it also gives me a sticker with a border of just backer, which makes peeling the sticker from the backer easier. I do my perf cuts with about 1 to 1-1/2" of cut, and about 0.10 to 0.15 of lift between the perf cuts. This keeps the stickers attached to the media until the perf cut is finished, and then it's a simple matter to break them away while the media is still loaded on the cutter."
  6. Graphtec is your tech support. Good luck
  7. I didn't watch this. I don't have time. Anything here to help?
  8. Why do you need a different blade holder to perf cut? My FC 8000 uses the same blade holder with the same blade as regular sign vinyl. It's just a bigger cutter. Just change the position of the blade holder, i the carriage arm. People use the same blade holder for perf cut for the Ce6000-60 as sign vinyl. Good luck, I have orders to do.
  9. Get a 2nd blade holder, and adjust it so it stays the same, for perf cutting. You don't have to keep adjusting the blade depth. Pop it in for perf cutting. The wax paper backing is only a few mils deeper. I cut Avery chrome, when is tougher, thicker , polyester vinyl. than Oracal 651. I never change my blade depth. I just up the force and I can cut it at .025 high fonts. It is thicker than what you are doing.
  10. On this thread is a picture of a broken Clean Cut blade, scroll down. You may need a loupe to see your blade tip. This person was breaking the tips off, doing test cuts.
  11. you should not even need that kind of force with a Clean Cut blade. Look at the blade tip. Maybe it got broken off. Those tips will break very easily. You start with 1/2 the force of a regular blade.
  12. That is way too much blade sticking out for any type of cutting. You shouldn't even be able to see or feel the blade tip. When the blade is so far in the blade holder that you think it would not cut anything, it is probably correct. Then use the force of the machine, to cut. Blade sticking out like that just makes the blade skip over and not cut.
  13. How is that size of cutter for accuracy, seeing as how it has a stepper motor? How quiet? How is the tracking?
  14. That must be a Skycut 60" Those cutters are sold here as the Prism Cut in 20" and 28".