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  1. Maybe try 2 passes instead of just 1 pass.
  2. The cutter will only cut a vector,file, which is comprised of nodes,,.eps, .fs and more vector files. The cutter will not cut a raster image, which are pixals. like a jpeg or bitmap.If that is not the answer you are looking for, then please explain more.
  3. Weld them before cutting. Or what ever it is called in Vinyl Master.
  4. Flexistarter 12 is reasonably priced here. Master Warehouse has been a distributor for years. I have bought here years back. Most other places want $395 for it. You don't pay more. It is yours, lifetime license. It does not have much in design features, but imports many different file formats.
  5. OK, but did you know that Flexistarter cutting software can turn any vinyl cutter into a contour cutting machine? The contour cutting is in the software it's self. Look at the top of my picture, It has a feature called contour cutting. No laser needed, it measures from the blade in the middle of the registration marks.
  6. what wouldn't the cutter do?
  7. My Graphtec is 9 years old, NEVER once have I had a problem...Bought new, use pretty much daily, Bought 2 Graphtec CE5000-60 for kids, and also never a problem..
  8. Many cutters will run on the same drivers...Even a Graphtec will run on a Copam in Signblazer...As well as the Titans will run on the Copam in Signblazer. And the Roland PNC1000 is a generic driver that will run many different cutters. It is a go to driver, when an OP can't find their old driver...
  9. Follow the instructions here for Windows 10
  10. Yes it is.. BUT....that is where I found the answers to your problem....I didn't have a clue, just did some searching......
  11. I hope it works out for you. Roland also has it's own forum. Your welcome...
  12. You already did this back in March.. You saved it as a PDF. This is just a repeat of March...and the same OP with the same question again.
  13. Same question earlier in the year. March...
  14. A Tripp-lite Keyspan Adapter that is the brand name, is guaranteed to work with the value cutters like the Pcuts The value cutters have a cheap Chinese chipset. Your RS232, connector, could very well be equivalent to the the same cheap Chinese chipset. In Flexistarter go up to Properties in upper left corner, then click the last tab that looks like a blade.. If not done, change the packet size to 1000 kb. Click Apply ok. For the size difference, Go to resolution and add a step. Click Apply and ok. Cut a small square that measures, 3 Inches, or whatever.. Make sure it is cutting that. Adjust the resolution to get it. Write the number down, so you know which way you went.
  15. Is this new or used? Did you see the cutter set up and cutting? Here is the Lynx website, maybe they can help you.