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  1. arms alignment problems with fc7000 mk2

    try a factory reset
  2. Speed/Force consensus

    There is no typical settings. Each cutter is different, even the same model. You have to fine tune each cutter, Value cutters may have to be fine tuned each time you cut. The higher end cutters, pretty much set and forget, unless you are changing to different thickness of vinyl. You may to make several passes on some of those vinyls like glitter. I hear it's pretty hard to cut. The force is set by the blade depth. You must get the blade depth correct first, for each different vinyl you use. Then you set the force to make it cut correctly.
  3. Lost my Vinyl Master Pro PSN

    3 posts above
  4. Updating SCAL3PRO

    You have to purchase that upgraded version. I have read that it is much better than 3
  5. Image conversion Services

    Maybe you will just want to get a different software. Or upgrade Scalp if you really want to use it. You do not state which computer operating system your using. Windows or Mac. Or which vinyl cutter. Maybe you would like the FREE Signblazer which is for Windows.. I thought Scalp imported .eps files which is the most widely used format. Or maybe contact Craftedge support for your problems.
  6. Cut pattern is all over the place!

    That feature is in the cutting software. You need something like optimize cutting order. Flexi software has it. I think I read where Signcut does. But not sure with a pattern like that, your lines might not meet..People use that feature for perfect straight stripes, it helps a lot with tracking problems.
  7. Do you prefeed your vinyl first for the whole job.? If not, you should. Prefeeding puts pinch roller wheel tracks in the vinyl which makes tracking great. You may not see, it drifting slightly. You have a Titan, but that is the instructions on a Graphtec, It has an auto prefeed just for that reason.
  8. Phone templates, where to find

    From what I have seen, too many people already selling the crap out of those. And all kinds of covers. Cheap. Unless you have some wild design that no one has out there. But whatever works for you.. I try to stay away from what others do.
  9. Phone templates, where to find

    Most people make their own and don't give them away. Take pictures of them and vector. That's what most people do. So how many do you get for $50?
  10. Phone templates, where to find

    search the forum. .eps should work fine.
  11. New guy 1st post

    Had a friend leave a 24"x 50 yd roll in her vehicle for 8 hours, in the summer. it cooked it. You could feel the difference, it made it much softer, and the adhesive sticky. You could feel the heat in it. I use it for testing new designs, and see if the design looks good, not to sell.

  13. Titan 28 inch cutter

    I have read this 4 times and still don't understand what your trying to say.. The max this cutter will cut is 24" wide. You do not state which cutting software either, Try and rephrase your question or show photos, or drawings.
  14. Wet application with 1310G transfer rite?

    Yes, it is true. use paper tape for wet application.

    Well, you working with all the Graphtecs is nice, but a stepper motor will never cut as sharp and clean as a Graphtec. A Titan servo will get you closer. Some can get some nice cuts, with a lot of fine tuning, but still night and day stepper vs servo. And you would know the great fine details that a Graphtec can cut over even a Roland. But on another note, buy the best that you can afford.