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    Pirate Graphics for my Son

    I would like to use my new cutter and I was thinking (we just moved in to our new house I built) I would like to do my sons room up as a pirate's theme. He is Five and he would go nuts if I made him a big pirate ship and a few other things like a flag and such. Any one know where you could point me in the direction to get something like that. I'm new to the hole design end of thing so I have inkscape I will try to make something if not. Thanks Keith
  2. She likes snoopy, so I thought this would be fun for her.
  3. kburk

    Aluminum etching

    Very nice. Sand blasted?
  4. kburk

    something fun for my wife

    Thank you of course the design was not mine Snoopy's has been around for a while but I re drew it and cut it for my Wife's Mac she is quite happy and apparently the lady at work would like to know what else I can do
  5. kburk

    something fun for my wife

    My wife loved it. thanks!
  6. kburk

    First shirt

    Looks good for your first it gets easier after! My first 2 shirts where great rags!!
  7. kburk

    Couple of Recents

    Looks good! I have removed lettering and graphics for my sons soccer team they changed the name 3 years in a row!! I used a heat gun just to heat the vinyl a little, just to make is warm then we have a picking party! After its removed just a mild cleaner. Don't go to hot you don't want to wreck the banner material. I like the idea of a rental
  8. kburk

    First Crack at Lanyards

    Nice work! Looks good
  9. kburk

    Powder coating over vinyl

    Nicely done and a sweet Idea I'm all in on that!! I would love to stencil powder coating!! thanks for the Ideas!!
  10. Same Highlight your text right click "Create outlines" Under file I have sent to sign cut (AI CS4) I never save it down. maybe I should. After you create outlines you can have fun at that point modifying the font also. good luck
  11. kburk

    Adding curvature to a graphic Ai4??

    thanks for the reply's guys. Really when you have a long wide graphic and you place it on the glass it turns in to a happy face. So I was trying to figure out how to compensate for that. Make it look straight by shrinking the bottom and enlarging the top so in affect you have a V shape. Any bit of taper on a glass will do that for sure I'm just being picky . With a graphic I'm not sure how to do this. I will try the heat. Ill cut the Exaggerated graphic too and see what works the best. thank you for the help.
  12. Hello, I'm making my son a glass using etching cream and a stencil. I just did a set of 24 with text and a logo for his whole team they worked out great. My issue is the graphic (Scooby Doo's gang) line drawing that I have I'm trying to add curvature to it to match the glass. When I use the arch tool it wont translate in to the outline so I can cut it. So you look in "Preview" and its arched you look "Outline" and its straight. So I'm guessing I'm using the wrong tool in Illy. Funny how the easy jobs you do for free make you work the hardest. I can't upload the file it is too large its 2mb, Sorry. I added the pdf. I know I still need to do work to the file before it will cut but I'm trying to get the curve first.Thank you for the help..... scooby doo's gang.pdf
  13. kburk

    Adding curvature to a graphic Ai4??

    The glass is bigger on the top 3 1/4 smaller on the bottom 2 1/4 so a 1" taper. The program I'm using is AI CS4. Really its just like making a cone. I can easily do it with text but the graphic not so much. The glass is just a pint sleeve. thanks for the help
  14. I'm looking for a few farm animal silhouette's Mostly a chicken and donkey thank you!
  15. kburk

    Farm animal Vector request

    I actually though it was funny. Jokes on me still there was no chicken once I downloaded the right file! Thanks for the web site. I found a chicken on a pay vector so I just snagged that. thanks
  16. kburk

    Farm animal Vector request

    Well nothing like getting thrown under the bus thanks for that :| when I went on the to web page I hit one of the 20 links to a pay logo site my bad. I down loaded the free ones thanks Not sure if I will ask for help again though.....
  17. kburk

    Farm animal Vector request

    Skeeter thanks just looking for something free
  18. kburk

    Looking for a bullseye

    thanks I grabbed it too!
  19. Hey I want to wrap my Unibody 13" Macbook pro. Does any one have the file. I would like to do every thing but the key board. If not I will just make one...I'm being lazy thanks Keith
  20. kburk


    I spray lines on parking lots and I make my own stencils for the lettering and numbering sequences. The handicap is easy to do. I cut cheap vinyl and apply it to sign board, coroplas then I just cut it by hand with an art knife, Xacto. Takes about 10min to cut it out, just follow the lines. I suppose you could run paper through the cutter and then just trace it on They will typically last for about 6months or more. The thing is the paint you apply to the parking lots drys in about 15 min in cool weather. Its just about dry before you take it out of the can on a hot day Don't over think it and there no point wasting your time and money on anything fancy! if you always keep one in stock you can just trace it! well hey that's my 2 bits! Keith
  21. Ok so, I really need help anyone out there running a cutter this a keyspan using mac with Snow leopard. 1) what driver are you using 2)where did the drive install to 3) how the hell do I get mine to work Mac says its the keypan driver install issue Keyspan tec does not call back!! I'm running Signcut but they can't help :- HELP!!! thanks Keith
  22. Hey if anyone is interested I did get signcut working on my mac but just for 3 cuts then I shut down my MacBook Pro started it up the next day and have not been able to cut since then that was Jan 20th. :- I really don't think that Sign cut is stable on Mac I have not heard back from Kimon. Really I dont know what to do. I spend more time trying to get my cutter working and paying other people to cut my vinyl it really is not work the hassle. Also paying for a program that does not work . I can however cut just fine on a PC with signcut and my cutter no big deal I have tried replacing my usb keyspan and updating every driver known to man. If I unplug my usb plug it in to a PC it cuts like a dream I emailed Kimon back in January but no luck as I said also I have just recently pulled another ticket from Signcut but know responce from them. Anyone know of another cut program for Mac?? I think I'm going have to go that way I really like sign cut but it does not work on Mac so unfortunatly another program that is stable seams like the best option. Keith
  23. Ya so not cutting again Just when you think you got things working So same setting same 3 foot USB same keyspan cutter won't cut is this a mac issue can some tell me that? I fired up my last computer running XP same cable same cutter same keyspan and its working fine 2 seconds apart??? Just not getting it? It has to be signcut with mac or keyspan with mac or all together??? I think it is something with the way keyspan gets slotted as a network although I don't set it up like that it asks every time I plug the cable in do you want to bla bla bla this network. Anyone willing to guess on this one. I'm getting really sick of this happening! Keith
  24. kburk

    Dragon Graphics

    Hey I'm looking for Dragon Vectors for my son's bike. Something I could mask and paint of just cut and apply. I really don't have any Dragon vectors. Any help would be great. Thanks Keith