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  1. stuffnthingz

    Stone Stencil cutter

    If anyone follows up with this product and uses their LP to cut the rhinestone stencils, I would like to know how well it goes for them. I do alot of rhinestone work and would love to make my own templates rather than buy them:)
  2. stuffnthingz

    I finally did some cutting worth posting about!

    I was sent an email asking some details about my vending arrangement and I thought they might be helpful for others. I get my flock from various sources because certain brands have colors I need. I buy "decoflock" in pink and brown from an online store, and now I get white and navy from UScutter, they are local to me so I can pick it up:) The Siser Splitflock from USCutter is priced well, and I save on shipping fees by using will call. I press the flock using a 15" press. I bought the press for travelling as it is light. I started with a 9 x 12 but it was too small, it made me a mint, but I had to give it up for something bigger. I find the 15" is perfect. quick to layout a T-shirt or Sweatshirt.
  3. stuffnthingz

    I finally did some cutting worth posting about!

    I have to give another quick update. Yes Virginia, over the weekend with my problems of the cutter sitting at "waiting" mid cut, I came to these forums. I read all the "resolutions" for my problem. I picked the easiest (for me) to implement, which was to ground to remove static and I have been madly cutting ever since. I have not had a single failed cut since grounding my unit. I had my doubts, but I am a believer! I read some posts where the customer wants to return their unit and Ken says sure we will give you a new one but typically that problem will persist as it is not a faulty unit. He is soooo right. Cut on!
  4. Well, I bought my LP24 last fall. I made some decals, took them to a couple of shows and made $60. Then I spent the winter figuring out the software and the cutter. Last weekend I went to a new "event" I have not attended before as a vendor and to get more interesting product for them to buy I cut out a whole bunch of 1" phrases in white and navy flock. I already had some nice silhouettes cutout, but I thought the phrases might be a hit with this bunch. Oh my goodness! It was a feeding frenzy. I made enough to pay for the cutter AND all of the vinyl I have purchased for testing etc. It was great. I was able to heat press a hoody on site in 15 seconds! I sold 20 hoodies in a day and a half, not including all the other products I sell. I was sooo tired sunday night. It was a very good tired. So this weekend I had a minor setback. While preparing flock vinyl for the next eventI tried to do the same thing, but alas my cutter kept stalling out mid cut... constantly. So, by sunday night I was pulling my hair out and I read up on this issue on the boards. I use a USB port on my laptop so I wanted to try the easier fix first, I made my poor (commercial electrician) husband, ground my cutter to the outlet. What a difference! Where I could not get through more than 2 cuts of a design if I was lucky (very small like 4 x 13") I was able to tackle my next big chore, my business BANNER! Last fall I had picked up the 2' x 6' blank gussetted banner (at USCutter of course), and just today I put in a Will Call order for more flock and thought to snag some black for the banner. I picked it up in the afternoon, got home by 5pm, setup the LP to cut out the HUGE graphics (huge by my standards anyways). My LP finished the 2 color job in like 5 minutes total. Since I've never tackled anything large, I watched a video on sign making and went to work. I see lots of flaws for my first job, I tore the vinyl a tiny bit in a couple of places, there are still some air bubbles, etc, but the deed is done! Now I get to have a sign up in the arena like the big time sponsors:) I have one more cutter success story. Last week when I presented a client his design for 50 t-shirts, I had cutout the design in white vinyl as a sample and he liked it so well, I am making him 4 navy hoodies in addition to the 50 T-shirts (I am not cutting those, they will be plastisol transfers). Had I not had the cutter to make up the sample, I would not have had the opportunity to upsell $80 more product for him to buy. Thank you all who post in this forum and to US Cutter for all the help. I am sure there will be many more bumps in the road and tons more to learn, but it sure is a fun ride along the way.
  5. stuffnthingz

    Graphic with SignBlazer

    I am able to take my color images and vectorize them in Inkscape. When you click on the conversion menu (cant remember what it is called) you get a pop up window with some radio buttons and a preview, play around with those until you hone in on what you want. I am not an Inkscape user, I downloaded it specifically for use as a vector tool. It is always a trick to get the vectors that SB can read in properly. Many images I put in to SB directly, I monochrome them and vectorize with in SB, SB does a decent job of single color vectoring.
  6. stuffnthingz

    Laser 24 Manual

    I would love a copy of the LP 24 manual, pls send to thanks!
  7. stuffnthingz

    Loading vinyl rolls

    You know I just feel silly now... this is a great revelation and will save me the trouble of pulling up the dowel to "reload"... that's what makes this forum so great!
  8. stuffnthingz

    trouble using Inkscape to vectorize, SBE wont open any file

    Bah... 5 minutes more tinkering and it works... I spoke too soon:)
  9. I found some instructions from 2007 on making a vector in Inkscape. I trace bitmap and save as eps, it is a solid black image. SBE will not open it. It processes the image but then has nothing on the screen. Any thoughts on this problem?
  10. stuffnthingz

    Vinyl (when you start off)

    Update, USCutter now has 1 yard samples of Siser and Oracal that are dirt cheap... I don't think they were up on the site last week... only 4.99 and 3.99 respectively. I admit, I went to USCutter's warehouse and had a field day shopping and spent more than the cutter on vinyl...eek!
  11. stuffnthingz

    How good can the cutter cut small decals?

    I just purchased an LP 24. I have been making 4" window decals with wording that is quite small and scrolly. Weeding is simple, no cuts have been left open. I usually print one to two rows of decals at a time. I also have a very fine line about a 1/16" inch curve and it has come out perfect every time.
  12. This is my first post. I thought I would contribute my experience with setting up the LP 24" to work on my Dell XPS 1535 Laptop via USB. First when I plugged in the cutter, Vista went merrily along installing the driver not asking my opinion, I didn't like that very well as I had the CD in my hand and wanted to use the CD I was given. I had the pen tool in and attempted a simple cut from SBE and of course nothing happened. I should preface this story with the fact that I am highly technical having been an IT professional for, well, forever now it seems. I am new to Vista and so far I don't like how it "does" things on its own. I peeked at the device drivers and saw a Serial connection with a ? on it looking decidedly not right. It was late and I has shirts to finish up for a show I have this weekend so I stopped there. However, for being a complete cutter n00b, I did get the cutter fired up, the blade in, did a test cut, then put the pen in for further testing. I have never seen a cutter in RL before so all this has been an adventure. I didn't even tackle the stand having already read how bad that experience is, I will deal with that after I get the cutter working. So, Wednesday, I ran home from my day job and was diligently packing for the show, and I just coud not resist, I fired up the laptop, plugged in the USB and got an immediate blue screen. Darn! Again, I'm sposed to be busy packing and stopped there. Finally, this morning, I emailed USCutter support asking for a way to undo the drivers since I knew they were installed wrong. Ken emailed back a solution but I wasn't too keen on the "restore" option so he suggested using the "uninstall" on the CD. I got home and did that, then, when I installed the FTDI driver I got from the US Cutter support site, the install didn't behave right (2.02.04). The install window flashed too fast to give me a warm fuzzy feeling about it, so to be sure I had the latest driver, I went to the Website that makes the driver for the USB Serial port these cutters use and I saw a new version available 2.04.06 ( I DLed that driver and the install popped up the very familiar DOS prompt with a message, Installing driver.... It finished up and I then held my breath as I plugged in the USB to the cutter and voila, it assigned it COM5 just as nice as can be. I immediately opened SBE, set it to COM5 (note it calls it : BLAZER:COM5) I opened my first vectorized bitmap I made and drew it with the pen...WOOHOO! I went back to packing for a bit, and then the moment of truth, I had to do it. I put in the blade, loaded my cheap starter black vinyl, tiled my image and printed it out, it came out AWESOME! I then put in some Siser gold and made a quick press on a sample dark sweatshirt, ooo I got goosebumps:D I know now the fun begins as I really learn to cut. I also travel with this laptop so it cannot be a dedicated machine for the cutter. I do have an older XP machine that I plan to dedicate to cutting once I have time to get serious about it. I have been reading about the folks who have troubles with the install and I would say I had some trouble, but I could tell that the install was not as it should be. For a non-technical person this could be frustrating and I hope my experience will help folks, and I think the newest driver should be tested and added to this support site:) Thank you all for listening, I am going to head out for the weekend a smug new vinyl cutter!