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  1. sskeetr1

    Somr gave all flag needed Please

    but dont ever talk to me like you own me or im your child!!!
  2. sskeetr1

    Somr gave all flag needed Please

    delete me then
  3. sskeetr1

    Somr gave all flag needed Please

    really??? end of story??? You can delete me or hate me, but you dont talk to me like im your child !!! I dont care who you are or what forum you run !!!!! Got that !!!!!
  4. sskeetr1

    Somr gave all flag needed Please

    seriously????? no i thought someone could help me find the artwork / artist... why does everyone have to be a thief just because they ask? Awful strong accusation to make against someone for asking a question. Or if someone would have said you can purchase the art here.. I dont have a problem with purchasing it and a license!!!! But I have to ask to find out !!!
  5. sskeetr1

    Somr gave all flag needed Please

    I know this, I have been searching all weekend for the original artist
  6. sskeetr1

    Somr gave all flag needed Please

    Thanks, If I could find THE ORIGINAL owner I would gladly do this.
  7. Would any one have a good high res image of this eagle? I need to print it out in large format on my versacamm. Thanks
  8. sskeetr1

    Race type font?

    Thanks man, I tried that, but it just kept turning into a red square!? But thank you.
  9. sskeetr1

    Race type font?

    I tried this in Find my font, but no luck. Can someone lend an idea? Thanks
  10. sskeetr1

    repairing a vehicle wrap, Need font help please

    Thanks Mark, Ill check it out..
  11. Working on replacing a wrap on a truck that was in an accident, I didnt do the original work, it was done by a company that went out of business. trying to locate this font.Not the best pic but its all I have to go by.Thank you.
  12. Would anyone happen to have this graphics kit or point me in the right direction for it? I need all top and side graphics Thanks
  13. sskeetr1

    Help Wanted ! Please

    Man thats no But Thank you for your help !
  14. sskeetr1

    Help Wanted ! Please

    Could use some help with this font, Tried find my font and what the font, No luck. Would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks
  15. sskeetr1

    need help

    Oh ok gottcha. I tried find my font that way.. That program never works for