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  1. Graphics Gnome

    IMG 2919[1]

    because of the detail had to cut at the slowest setting so that the cutter didn't snag and shred the vinyl. I designed it for easy weeding. But took 12 hrs to cut and weed 4... I had 20 shirts to do...
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  3. Graphics Gnome

    Heat press Logo on Boots

    Just getting around to uploading the finished product.
  4. Graphics Gnome

    heat transfer

  5. Graphics Gnome

    Service Truck

    I have a prime downtown Anchorage location for my shop I pay $1650/month for 1600/sq ft.(which is a great deal) I am not working out of my basement or closet. This isn't a hobby this is my livelihood. This is a for profit business with overhead. This is a business that has been around since 1957 with a loyal client base. I purchased the company just over a year ago and I am expanding to include more services other than just custom engraved signs and rubber stamps. Even @ $1626 I think I left quite a bit of money on the table. Did it take more time than it should have? — Probably. DId I charge them for all of the time I put into it? — Not even close. Am I the cheapest in town? — Probably not. I didn't even charge them for set up or artwork. I probably should have. Again not sure how to value that either. I can tell ya there wasn't a single bubble in the vinyl when we got done. Everything was level and centered. I take pride in the work I put out and I believe there is value in that. Just not sure what that value is sometimes...
  6. Graphics Gnome

    Heat press Logo on Boots

    The Vinyl Decal is going on the inside of Xtra-Tuff Neoprene Boots. So I am going to have to fold down each boot to heat press them. I am not sure it is possible to heat press on a hat press. When they fold them down their logo shows.
  7. I have a customer that wants me to cut vinyl and heat press their logo onto 100+ boots for their employees. I was thinking $2 / logo decal (2inch x 3.5inch) $5 / transfer = $14 per pair. I have tested it out and seems to work great. These boots are $70+ boots. $1400 sounds like alot of $$$ I just want to be able to cover my cost for time. Heat pressing a flat T-shirt is easy Heat pressing a boot is a bit difficult. I will be using Siser - EasyWeed. All other textile companies here in town have turned down the job.
  8. Graphics Gnome

    Service Truck

    The numbers in the post is how much vinyl I actually used on the truck not counting the vinyl I wasted. This is a BIG truck it is over 9ft 9inches tall. UPDATE I delivered a bill for $1626 and they were very happy with the price. They actually are purchasing another service truck and want the same thing on it when it arrives along with 2 sets of 24"x18" Magnetic signs for their utility vans because they are used for their other businesses. 66sq ft X $11/sq ft. = $726 for the material 3 guys @ 15hrs x $60/hr Install. = $900 Labor (added the 2 hours it took to clean the truck.) I also edge sealed everything. I live in Alaska where anything you buy comes with a $100+ shipping cost. I think the price is more than fair considering all the time & materials put into it. Another shop quoted $2400 to do the job based off my proofs and $4500 for a wrap.
  9. Graphics Gnome

    Vehicle Graphics

  10. Graphics Gnome

    Service Truck

    i used Avery HP700 & Avery SC 900 - Pantone 877 silver
  11. Graphics Gnome

    Service Truck

    So do I price per sq ft and have it high enough per sq ft to include install? Do I charge sq ft and charge per hour for instal? Do I charge for cleaning? 40 sq ft of Blue 16 sq ft of Orange 2 sq ft of yellow 8 sq ft of silver 26 hrs to cut the vinyl, Static issues used double the above vinyl calculations because the cutter would stop or cut large z or skip parts of the design. took 3 of us 15hrs to clean and install the vinyl.
  12. Graphics Gnome

    Service Truck

    Thank you, and yes.
  13. Not sure what i should charge for the graphics or the Installation. I am in Alaska where I had to keep the vehicle indoors over night before application. The truck was filthy and had to wash it again indoors. Took me 13hrs to install both sides and back Used twice as much vinyl as it should have because of my static issues. Proof of what the sides would look like. proof of the back Here is the actual finished install 12x18 print out taped to door to give some perspective
  14. Graphics Gnome

    SC series still stopping in middle of job

    got dryer sheets on both sides of the cutter... Still doing it. Tthink it might be an issue with the software reading the illustrator files?
  15. Graphics Gnome

    SC series still stopping in middle of job

    Got the serial USB adapter and got the cutter working. But my cutter still thinks it is Zorro! Anti-static Garland work on vinyl? so far I have wasted 10 yards on this project